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cannot delete maneuver node - control locked



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2 hours ago, Sirad said:

Just that simple question:

how to delete that maneouver node that i set once.

i was used to be capable of deleting a maneuver node if i decide to fly elsewhere. what happened ?


1.2 happened. :D Now for an explanation...

This is because of the new communications requirement. If you are playing a saved game, simply go into your options and toggle the new communications network settings to OFF (this would be a red indicator light instead of green). Resume your game and you should be able to delete the old maneuver node as you were able to in 1.1.3.


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Sorry for digging this up, but I ran into the same issue (probe, energy fine, connected) of not being able to remove or even highlight an existing node.

What did the trick for me was to switch to the space centre, go into the tracking station and selecting the probe from there. When I was back in control I was able to remove the node.


Maybe this helps others in the future.

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