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[1.12.x] SXT Continued


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11 hours ago, GUZooka1 said:

and actually is there a way to increase the bouncyness of the airbags?

Look in the configs for the airbags:

  • SXT\Parts\CoreTech\Utility\crashPad\part.cfg
  • SXT\Parts\CoreTech\Utility\crashPad\partSmall.cfg

Find this:

		name = ModuleBounce
		bounciness = 1.0
		dynamicFriction = .5

and try changing the bounciness

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Hello Good Day

How do i fix or improve the cockpits from the Mod? Do i need to install an additional mod or something? 


Here's what i have observed:

Kn-225 Cockpit - has Screen from i think Rasterpropmonitor and a HUD. But they are not working and are just black.

Boeing 767/777 Cockpit - has Stock Navball and basic instruments but only on the Captain's Side (Left Side) the First Officer's side has no instruments Cockpit mostly empty.

Airbus A220 - Same as Above

Boeing 727/727/737 - Same as Above

Airbus A350 Cockpit - No instruments; cockpit is 50% see through which is weird lol

Airbus A380 Cockpit - Same as B777

Antonov An-24  - Works fine. Has stock instruments and buttons in the cockpit on both sides. Fine for me so far.

Bombardier CRJ Series - Same as An-24

M-95 Goose - Same as An-24

Yakvka Cockpit - Same as Kn-225

M-86 Kossak - Same as Kn-225

Here's what i have currently installed what i think is related or pertaining to the Cockpit or IVA:

ASET Agency 
ASET Props
ASET Avionics
Avionics Systems
Click Through Blocker
Raster Prop Monitor and Core

Thanks for any Answer 
Hope you guys have a good day


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1 minute ago, RB101 said:

Running the texture copier has made this appear in the SPH/VAB

It's not a part, it just exists by default now :/


No idea what you are talking about or trying to show

If you are referring to the script to copy the missing textures,  all it does is copy some missing texture files.  Code is there for you to look at.  Can't and doesn't do anything else

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