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[1.6]Sci-Fi Visual Enchancements V-1.5 (high performance alt to SVE)


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On 6/27/2021 at 1:14 AM, panzer1b said:

As much as id like to, i tried and tried and it cant be done without killing scatterer entirely (and given what scatterer does to sunsets/sunflare/cloud improvements like coloring, im just not willing to ditch it).  Basically nothing i can do with the cloud layers to make them glow black (which is a sad thing, but im limited by EVE/scatterer mechanics).


Ive been insanely busy these last few months so 0 time for KSP dev since my job has a stupid amount of overtime now, and im getting ready to move abroad, so well have to see whether ill get more time when im out of the US for good, but it is what it is, and what little freetime i have right now im just too tired to do any creative stuff :( (short of occasionally making some KSP vessels and play the other games i also have)...

Cool but you could ask help from the planet modding community i guess
or in the discord, it would work with NEW scatterer files

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Posted (edited)

While i have given up on attempting to recreate black planet atmos, i have restarted work on this and plan to have V1.6 out in the next few weeks.


Im actually remaking vall from the ground up based on a planet i saw in a dream (2 layers of ice shards / asteroids as an atmosphere, had to evade crashing which isnt modeled in KSP EVE, but whatever).  I have to redo the layers and details (these are temporary placeholders).


Textures are placeholders, since i need some time to make new ones, but in general its going to be thick solid layers with holes going through them, so that it looks like 2 layers interlocked.


This is what the concept is, white is top layer, grey is mid layer, black is plant surface.  Layer up is whiteish, layer mid is bluish.  It wont look exactly like this (edges should be more jagged and the top layer had larger sized holes in my dream), but thats sorta what im going for with the new Vall looks in the next update.  Again, im very busy irl, and i dont expect to be done with this soon, but likely within the next 2 months if all goes well...



Also, ive started touching up the other planets (namely to try and eliminate the artefacting when at certain altitudes that caused the planet glow layer to either be rendered underground or have weird lines in it when within the atmo.  I also want to take another look at Duna's dust fx which i feel could be somewhat touched up (maybee slightly less saturated red, different texture, ect), and i also wanna redo laythe somewhat (i like the concept i started with when it comes to rain storm planet and lots of darker grey clouds, but not so much the execution).  So theres some work to be done, but ill eventually get there...

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