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10 hours ago, richfiles said:

It's just that no one on the staff actually explained why it got canned in the actual Devnote. I had to dig down to page three to find the answer, and it still didn't even come from staff

Had staff simply stated "Removed writing from Mk3->Mk2 adapter: brought to our attention the word may be an offensive word in another language"... That would have silenced all reasonable complaints over the removal, and would have prevented all this from ever happening.

In all fairness, it took me about two minutes of searching to figure out what had changed, and why, but that doesn't change that you're right, simply stating “One of the parts contained a word that turns out to be a derogatory vulgar term in a language foreign to us but familiar to thousands of our customers. As we'l like to see KSP to be Family-Friendly, we have removed that word” would be enough. You don't have to state what part (that'd be similar to spelling the word out, pretty much). On the other hand saying may be an offensive word when it downright is an offensive word would be a bit too sensitive.

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