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Mod Downloader Web Service


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I'm thinking of building a web service to help people simplify their mod installs/updates process.


Mods would be submitted to the system with their name, link to github/curse download links, description of mod, etc.

Users would be able to search for and add mods to their basket. When all their mods are added to the basket, they would be able to download a zip file of all the mods properly organized into the gamedata folder. Then just unpack this one zip file and overwrite the 'gamedata' folder to update all their mods. The mods you selected will be saved for the next time you want to upgrade. Groups of mods can be shared by developers, or by popular channels. Imagine watching a video, and then being able to download their exact mods list in a few clicks.


The basic software to make this is not overly complicated.


I'm just wondering if this sort of thing would be useful, or if someone has already done something similar?

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Welcome to the forums! 
As @Red Iron Crown said, we have CKAN which now has the most complete set of data about available mods and provides an automated install/update process. It also facilitates having custom "packs" of mods like you suggest and does that in a way that's very open (ie any other service can easily assemble mod packs for CKAN to use).  CKAN is not so good as a way of discovering/browsing mods, but that was never its intent.  For that we now have Spacedock.  
I would suggest that it's of greater benefit to the community to focus efforts onto those two services rather than trying to add another one.  Mod developers don't want to have to post their mods and updates to multiple places and for users it is more ideal to have all the information in one place. CKAN provides us with a centralized knowledge base of mod information and while not every single mod is listed on it, most are, and that is a very valuable thing to have.  Adding another system would likely result in neither system having as much info and then we'd be back to having to search for mods and mod info in multiple locations. 
I'd say that this particular wheel has been invented but if you have the skills it would be best to help with making the existing one stronger rather than reinventing it. 

36 minutes ago, Brock said:

The basic software to make this is not overly complicated.

At first glance it would seem so, but then you'll find that there are no standards (or lots of different standards) used in mods, from their folder structures to their versioning, and the simple problem quickly becomes a minefield! 

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