Stock Community Space Program - Observation save ready.

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36 minutes ago, Heckspress said:

probably because people are trading spacecraft???


Good point! I totally get that

This is one of those threads that is both a mission and an craft exchange.

Just sayin, if someone hops on the forum and is looking for ppl to build with, they probably head for the Challenges section, if someone if looking for craft ideas, they head to the Spacecraft Exchange. it's about marketing lol.

not trying to drag this thread off topic. Host says it's done. I thought it would be good to reflect.

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On 4/8/2017 at 9:44 PM, biomecaman said:

Too bad i got on this so late, it was fun. I like how open ended it was.

@Scientia1423 There's nothing wrong with the project, but if i may ask, why is it in spacecraft exchange and not in the challenges section? wouldn't it make more sense over there? there are several popular community projects on that section right now and that's the place people usually go if they are looking for something to do.

maybe try a reboot over there? I'm down for it, but i wont be around for the next 2 weeks.

Seems the most popular ones have a lot of guidelines, cool, but not my thing. That's why i really liked this one, bummer it's closing.

good idea though

It isn't your fault you came in late.

However this really isn't a challenge otherwise I would say how fast the community would be able to build a station.

Besides I can't really trust anyone to take the torch because it might die and then no one will have the save file to reboot it back up again. If I'm motivated enough I might reboot it but I don't know anymore.

I'll think about it late but for now, my job is to complete all the mission tasks and have it ready.

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Alright, here is the link for everyone to view:

I sent the ferry to Eve as it did not have enough to get to Dres and I 'tried' to set up communication links to it. Each satellite is based off a real world flyby satellite.

I will update the front page, etcetera when i have time, but anyways please enjoy.

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@Scientia1423, you did an amazing job keeping it alive. I'm so sorry I had to leave and I'm sorry to see it go but that is what happens after something like this has existed for long enough.

Thanks to the team who helped keep this alive, and to all the people who played.

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The forum page, wiki and save have all been updated. I will continuously update the save to newer versions of KSP if needed.

If you want to take over this project, message me on the forums.

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