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Space Shuttle Replica


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Sometimes looking good is more important than looking where you're going. This space shuttle allows you to do just that. Its not the most functional - but then again the space shuttle never was. This space barge can be downloaded here ------> https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kc3viono5g2sjq/Space Shuttle 2.craft?dl=0.

This shuttle is capable of taking a full orange tank to orbit with about 1000m/s delta-v to spare. Features a full RCS system and many parts.








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6 minutes ago, landfish2 said:

what is the STS challenge ?

There's been a series of challenges running on the forums lately - the Space Transportation System challenges. The first iteration was made by @inigma, the second by myself, and the third by @Speeding Mullet. @Speeding Mullet's working on the 4th iteration right now.

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3 hours ago, Helios95 said:

I think the donwload link doesn't work :/ or is just me?


1 hour ago, Coiledvipers said:

Created an account just to make sure it wasn't just me I cannot access the Download link either.

You are absolutely correct the download doesnt work for some reason

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kc3viono5g2sjq/Space Shuttle 2.craft?dl=0

here is a working version, with an updated, closer to scale booster.


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