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Water Spider


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Water Spider

A requested build from KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX. The request was to build a small water craft. This is a recreational craft, it handles well near 20 m/s and will flip over at 20 m/s plus when traveling on the water. Using warp adds a little more fun to the action.







Craft File: Water Spider

Parts: 92
Mass: 5.263t
Height: 2.6m
Width: 5.0m
Length: 6.6m

Operation: I haven't been using SAS to get to the coastline and I've been staying under 20 m/s on land and in the water.

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2 minutes ago, MajaeV said:

Nice! That's some good performance of both crafts :)

After watching it I realized I should have made a few turns at least :blush:. I also should have mentioned the Kerbals were pushing to pass the other craft, that was the humor in the video.

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2 hours ago, Majorjim! said:

This is great!! What kind of range does she have? I propose a race to the island!

Thank you! I almost made it to the Airbase Island and Top Speed is about 28 m/s if both Kerbals miss lunch :D I did not want to let the cat out of the bag but I am working on an Offshore Power Boat Racing project with V Hull and Tunnel Hull Speed Boats. If we are racing you will be going against one of them. Speed Boat K.A.K is getting near 100 m/s before leaving the water. The Tunnel Hull is getting about 80 m/s and with much better handling. I started making some video and looking through the Cockpit on the water at high speed is looking so awesome and then zooming through the Pylons sooooo cool :cool: I am thinking about releasing a spoiler video.


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