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KSP Weekly: Movember on Kerbin?


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Wernher von Kerman had a mustache before it was cool :P

Congratulations to @JPLRepo, good to see you in the Dev-Team!

And thanks for the devnotes! One thing i am curious about: Is there any information you can give us on how mods will be influenced by the localization? Will old configs still work?

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On 05/11/2016 at 0:24 AM, BagelRabbit said:

Hi! I'm in a KSP Weekly, which is pretty cool.

I'm really looking forward to the improved collider mechanics, and I'm glad SQUAD's taking the time to address them! Also, congrats to the Hallogreen winners, y'all definitely deserved it :)


Oh, it`s you upsilon, I wondered who this bagel was. Congrats.

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12 hours ago, worir4 said:

I must say, if there is a kerbal movember competition, my kerbal must get 1st place as apparently i am the ''most distinguished mustached kerbal on the forum''. XD

 You're too good for me to be in a contest like that  well I do need to get a  profile picture maybe I could hire someone to draw one with a huge mustache

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