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dV of Kerbal on EVA


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1 hour ago, flatbear said:

wow jeb's fatter than I am

Well I mean, he is wearing a space suit, which sized for an average adult Human male can way upwards of 300 pounds when including reaction control systems.


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I think it would be worth experimenting with thrusting in different directions.  I suspect that in Sharpy's experiment, he was thrusting forward and losing some efficiency from wobble at 4x physics warp, since EVA kerbals will waste some fuel trying to stay aligned with the camera while going forward.  Thrusting UP instead would probably give a cleaner result

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17 minutes ago, OrbitalBuzzsaw said:

no, 94 not 64

Is that the space suit?

The space suit? Uh... I don't think the Kerbal's and the suit's masses are separable, at least in stock. I was looking at the kerbalEVA.cfg and kerbalEVAfemale.cfg (which actually have the same values for these).

And yes you're right I meant to put a 9 at the begining of my number not a 6. Derp! :P

Anyways, apparently doing that last experiment there broke Kerbin.



What you don't get from these pictures is that it was flickering... a lot...


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