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Get Your Mod and Stock Kerbal Craft Reviewed! Limited Time Offer! Submit Yours Today!


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26 minutes ago, Program Kerbal Space said:

Sure when's the next time you stream? Also yeah I couldn't even comment because I don't have an account for twitch /: yeah i'm making one now. 

Oh I didn't know you were there! Oh well. Next stream is Tuesday, December 13th, from 14:30 to 18:00 Eastern Standard Time. Featured will be @TheKurgan's Phoenix MK VIII, @TheEpicSquared's Kossak K-100, @JadeOfMaar's NOX Crown R4, and if you want, your fighters.

1 minute ago, Program Kerbal Space said:

I cant D: so if you can post the stream on youtube or any other page.

Oh that's too bad. I'll see about posting it elsewhere.

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11 hours ago, TheEpicSquared said:

Hi @Mycroft, is it ok if my craft is reviewed early in the stream, since I live in europe and I don't want to miss the stream. Realistically, the latest I can watch is 10pm CET, which is 4pm EST. Could my craft be reviewed before then, please? Thanks :) 

Sure! I will ask Kryrano to move the Kossak K-100 to be the first ship!

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2 minutes ago, eloquentJane said:

Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.

By the way, are multiple submissions by the same person allowed for this thread?

Yes indeed they are. Submissions are encouraged by all!

However they will be added to the end of the schedule 

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Just now, eloquentJane said:

I don't do stuff with BD Armory, but if it's still an option to submit other vehicles then I'll consider submitting some. As well as appearing for the streams when I have the time.

Yes it is still open for submissions. Feel free to submit any craft you want and watch us find creative ways to crash them!

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Fairly quick, electric powered and armed with an M1 Abrams turret, I now present for your approval the CANUKWorks DCM1 Mad Moose ... This variant (the slower one) consists of 106 parts

Turning on the lights turns on the fuel cells (activate fuel cell is set to this action group)


NOTE: I edited the stock textures to have it camoed in the picture



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