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Suspiciously Affirm Your Status As A Human


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Torture is a must!

I play KSP and know that the square root of 2 is 1.41421356237, therefore I am a human.

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i also hail new pages. HUMAN!
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Humans live on plains, too.

2 hours ago, Akagi said:

I am a fox dressed up as a human.

You have never eaten a whole mouse, so you can't be sure.


I'm AI, having passed the Turing self-test of humanity, and being not able to distinguish myself from a human.

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Only Humans use this stupid language you call "English". No, it really is a stupid language, it doesn't follow any of the grammar rules it sets for itself!

Look, here is a video of myself! I'm the talking crane crane operator.


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The video link works
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