I've been working with maps about 60km in diameter, offset depends on your minimum elevation, and Deformity on the difference between the highest and lowest elevations. if you are near the coast you want to sink it a few dozen meters below sea level.  If you want to get some OK resolution height maps of actual places on Earth check out https://terrain.party/ . It was made for some other game I've never played but works great for this. The resolution varies in different parts of the world (US tends to have very good 10m resolution) other places may only have lower resolution Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data. The terrain.party file is only about 1 - 2 MB so if you want higher resolution you may have to look into using a GIS program and processing proper elevation data yourself.    Here is an example config. KK_MapDecal { Name = GC_1 CelestialBody = Kerbin Latitude = 36.1806350 Longitude = -111.9280125 Radius = 30000 HeightMapName = GC_1 ColorMapName = None RemoveScatter = False UseAlphaHeightSmoothing = True UseAbsolut = True AbsolutOffset = 2826 CullBlack = False HeightMapDeformity = 2132 SmoothColor = 1 SmoothHeight = 0.125 Angle = 0 Order = 100011 }  
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