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I just figured out how to post an image correctly (I\'m but a noob):


During the first Kerbal expedition to Mun, the Kerbanauts realized that their KSP flag would not wave well in the vaccum of Mun. This confused them, as this challenged their long-held belief that waving is an intrinsic property of flags. Given that all Kerbals are ecstatic for flags, the High King of Space, Richard 'Nix' M. Kerman was phoned before televising the flag planting. The High King quickly came up with a solution involving rockets. This doomed the explorers on Mun\'s surface, as their fuel reserves were exhausted during the 2 hour 'Flag Fest', but damn it, it was worth it.

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i was flying to the pole in .15 today and i noticed that the mun was rising or setting?and it made for some epic art so i did something i do a whole lot of screenshot ;P

download here/better veiw

and some MOAR

I hate to sound picky, but I\'m not sure if the fan-art thread is for screenshots.... I could be wrong, however.

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Snipped images from quote.
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Guest butt head

I hate to sound picky, but I\'m not sure if the fan-art thread is for screenshots.... I could be wrong, however.

i know captin sunky started a \'\'show off you awesome pics thread but i didnt see it ;P

i you think i should move it please link me to the thread and ill do so

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Nice drawing and I like the reference. :)

Oh man, that's an awesome drawing! I wish I had that kind of skill.


EDIT: I'm loathe to create a new post when there's a perfectly fine one here, so I'll just edit this one instead of double-posting.

WIP - Space Kraken's Tomb


Fun to draw, will be a pain to vectorise.

Man, I haven't picked up pencil and paper in years, but I felt I should create a little something to celebrate (and mourn?) the loss of the Space Kraken.

This took (literally) 5 minutes to draw, which shows in the quality, but quality is less of an object at this stage - I plan to acquire Photoshop (or, if you have any better suggestions, tell me) and vectorise this illustration.

I'll probably do a bad job - I haven't done a single vector since 2008. So, if anyone out there has actual talent in the art of Vector, and can tell what I'm trying to create with this piece, feel free to vectorise this image. Just make sure to put my name in the corner somewhere.

I may have included a certain well-known easter egg here, too, whence the spoilers.

This is only a preview image, as I scanned the original at 300DPI. God I love my scanner.

(By the way, I'm planning on adding all three Kerbonauts, footprints, maybe some sparks, and Jeb is meant to be poking the Kraken.)

I also hope something quite like this can be added into the game as an easter egg. I mean, a memorial plaque is good and all, but Nova really should add the final resting place of the Kraken into the game (He stated that he was planning to add "a memorial" in 0.17, I believe.)

I hope I didn't forget anything.


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Artsy update! (Grrr, gotta fix them spoiler tags)
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Hmmm... interesting, since by the Arc de Triomphe there is the tomb of the unknown soldier, under the Mun arch there should be the tomb of the Space Kraken. Nova? Where are you? I think you said you had something in plan do dedicate to the Space Kraken... ;)

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Now we know what NASA is hiding behind those black squares.

I sincerely hope you're just making fun of people who actually think the black squares are the result of NASA hiding things...

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From NASA site:

"The Curiosity team also continued to downlink high-resolution black-and-white images from its Navigation Camera, or Navcam. These individual images have been stitched together to provide a high-resolution Navcam panorama, including a glimpse of the rover's deck."

I think those black squares are missing or corrupted images. Sorry, but could not ressist to make fun of those conspiracy theories. There arent that many people to belive in them, are they?

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