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i know that there not hiding anything but i do not understand the black squares sure there a reason does anyone know why though ?

Download rates. The rover can take (and store in its various memories) images FAR faster than it can transmit them to Earth. The images are all very high resolution It spent a few hours at mid-sol (equivalent to midday on Earth) snapping pics in a panorama fashion which it has stored up, which it is now squirting back to Earth. Because of the distance and power of transmission available, it took a while for the complete load of images to be sent, and each black square corresponds to an image not sent at the time the panorama was released.

If you go to NASA's MSL website images section you will see how many images there are, and how high their resolution is. (If you always choose the highest resolutions that is, not the ones NASA has downgraded for low-bandwidth users!)

I assume that NASA will concentrate on telling Curiosity to take images of interesting objects, rather than waste time and bandwidth on lots of panoramas that all look much the same.

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Your image isn't showing up, may want to fix that before people think you're being serious.

Works for me. Two aliens are holding a large picture of the real Martian Landscape in-front of the rover's camera, whilst one says 'Hold still, Larry. It's taking another picture.'

In the background is a vast alien city with hovering vehicles.

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This one is:

The Most Interesting Kerbal in the World.

It\'s all I could think of for the words underneath...


Hate to say it but, someone beat you to that.

<img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cPP510KqzQs/TpWqx1JTnLI/AAAAAAAAAwI/cDtjkozvoHs/s1600/JebKerbalPromo1.jpg"/>

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Are you insinuating that 3D takes less skill than drawing with pencil and paper or vise versa? This comment isn't very clear.

No, I said you cannot make a fair comparison between the two, as they are just different thing to begin with in general.

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Curiosity's pictures have been kind of blurry so I touched up one of them on Photoshop to clear up some details:


I rarely swear on forums but MY ****ING GOD this is awesome!!! DEFO going as the background to my computer now (last week it was ksp front screen this week it was the first 5 pics from curiosity)

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I decided that I'd make my own little contribution to this glorious thread, so here's a rough sketch of one of our brave and green little astronauts! It's a work in progress, as I'm currently in the process of digitalizing it. Anyway, what do y'all think so far?

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