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Hes sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable! Althought his head is to small, who knows what he is thinking. He also reminds me of a muppit :D

He's probably thinking about boosters and ludicrous speeds!

I might have to redraw him, though. Just to get the proportions right, or more right. :P

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Hello! This is my very first KSP Picture... with Paint... ._.

Wait! There's a little quiz!

Can you name all the new planets of 0.17?

Give it a try!


May you did it!

And here is the Named Version:


Nice! May you got all?

And here is the main Picture. I really like it:


Thanks for reading. Tell me if you liked it. :)

This is done with PAINT. ._.

If you want those pics, here you go!

But please don't edit something and show that others. Thanks! :)



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