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How to calculate the amount of Delta-V You need to get to a moon/planet



Hi, I'm not new to Kerbal Space Program but I still don't know one thing. I don't know how much Delta-V I need to get to a planet or moon. If someone could tell me how to calculate the amount of Delta-V I need I would really really REALLY appreciate it. 

Thanks for looking at my post:)

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The Delta-V map that @James Kerman and @tjt linked to is an excellent starting resource.  It's fine for Mun/Minmus where you're launching from Kerbin or initial planning for interplanetary adventures.  It shows you your minimums.

You maximums, however, are a different story.  They are based on timing of planetary positions, ejection angles, speed to target, etc.  For THAT, I recommend you take a look at AlexMoon's site: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/

The purpose of this is to show you when your optimal transfer windows will be datewise in game, your expected travel times, and your departure angles. For better understanding of determining ejection angles, visit Olex's page here: http://ksp.olex.biz/

With Olex's page, you can even eyeball when transfer times are reasonable.

Mun and Minmus are relatively simple:  6,500 d/v will get you from Launchpad to home, as long as you have minimal drag on liftoff.  Once you start dealing with interplanetary transfers, you have to deal with two transfers, one - two (or more) aerobrakes, operational d/v if you intend to land, etc.  I usually also try to bring along a rescue ship or two, because Kerbals are like dwarves; they occasionally drink on the job and end up stuck behind the wall.  That adds to my personal d/v requirements as well.

In the end, once you have those baseline values, you're going to have to experiment for what actually works for you.  Once you've learned the mechanics, the game becomes about efficiency and effectiveness.

Fly Safe!  (and if not safe, make it at least interesting. :wink: )

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