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Kickback SRB Gimbal


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Hey! I made a shuttle and I was unsatisfied with the way the SRBs had no gimbals... so I introduce to you a way to get SRB gimbals!

Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-wW3RB5gzgkMi00WVdkeWZTRVE

Video of the gimbals in action: 

NOTE: The video above uses my Shuttle and I know that Shuttles fly into space but just for the purpose of time i separated the boosters and Fuel Tank and then began gliding the Shuttle.

To install navigate to your KSP install folder then drag and drop the downloaded "GimballedKickback" into the "GameData" folder. You should now have a new kickback SRB listed in the VAB and SPH!

Enjoy :)



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7 hours ago, NATHAN_W said:

To install navigate to your KSP install folder then GameData>Squad>Parts>Engine delete the present "MassiveSRB" and replace it with the one you downloaded.

It's great that you're contributing to the community. :) However, I have a suggestion for you, with which you can do even more and better stuff. It's called "Module Manager".

It's a mod which allows you to write config patches that modify the stock configs at runtime. So you don't need to mess with the files inside the Squad folder at all. You simply put your custom patch anywhere in GameData, and if Module Manager is also present, then once the game is started, it looks like you did overwrite Squads files (but you didn't). This is great when you start really going deeply into modifying a lot of stuff (you can also patch resources, contracts, science experiments, strategies and more). Just think: you made fifty different changes, and somewhere, something you did broke something, and you forgot all the places inside the Squad folder where you changed stuff. What do you do? Reinstall? But then you lose all those changes you made!

With Module Manager, all your stock files remain intact, so to fix something you broke, all you need to do is to move the offending patch out of GameData. Since a lot of mods nowadays rely on Module Manager to do some heavy lifting, some people in heavily modded installs like Realism Overhaul can have over ten thousand MM patches applying at startup. They work additively - ten different patches can modify the same part and it will work fine. Just imagine the nightmare of trying to manage that with direct changes to Squad's files! It would never work. Which is why MM is such an amazing thing. Go here and join us in worshipping sarbian today! (Usage guide is in the second post. Prayer rug sold separately.)

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1 hour ago, razark said:

I like the way that you do it with no modding by modifying files.  Which is kind of what "modding" means in the first place...

Yeah i guess..

Yeah ill need to look into that and maybe add some parts

Yeah.. I wanna get more into ksp modding.

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