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Kerbals at War - The very first KSP War movie

Squeegy Mackoy

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This. Also, I think I already left like three comments on the video about how awesome it is. xD But anyhow, here\'s another one. It\'s awesome, please make more, and also possibly just make a few videos showing the designs and how you made them. Also, the satellite (I think I saw you mention it somewhere), I want to see that thing in another video. :D

Someday, we shall make this game multiplayer somehow! Whether Squad does it or someone comes along with a mod. That would be epic!

Orbital explosions wont come untill particles are fixed (if they ever are). In the meantime, have a picture:


I think I understood why it has been made in 0.15 : in 0.16, railgun bullets seem to pass TROUGH other parts ! Also, giving the .crafts would not work since 0.16 also broke craft formats

The same collision issues already existed. The fix is to simply add more volumes to collide with, im pretty sure it\'s because the shell moves past entire parts over the course of two frames. The first shot the tank took at the rocket was dead on target, and passed right through it. The second shots were lower and so had much greater chance of intersecting more parts, and (only just) managed to blow enough up to have the rocket come apart.

I also didn\'t update at the time because I was 99% sure that all the saves would be broken. I haven\'t copied them over to 0.16 yet but I\'ll see what happens.

Also, here\'s some more purdy pictures, taken long before the video was made:


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Perhaps an expansion might supply it, but it\'s probably going to be hell to work out based on my interpretations of past discussions of MP.

Inability to warp within a certain radius of a(n active) player seems the best way.

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Thanks for the reply and all the pictures, I am in love with your designs. xD

I am curious, the video fades out with a rocket engine heading towards the ground, and I can\'t see it too well, where did it hit? It looked like it may have gone out towards the tank but I may also be (probably am) completely wrong.

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this stuff does not go in 'general' this stuff goes viral!!!!!

mad gratz!

how much time was invested from building the crafts through final vid release?


wow, damn, and ......(sorry, there is no word for this yet)

very nice, keep it up, best wishes, and thanks!


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I watched the vid and was. oO

Ok, i am also against, that kerbal becomes a combat game, but some weapons like rockets and lasers to shoot space junk would be nice. :D

And the plane by 0.16. I love the rotating engines. Something like this as space engine for a more advanced spaceship would be nice aswell. Like Prometheus. :D

youtube prometheus vid:

Such engines would be a must have for a future update. :D

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