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Mod request: Tracking ascent profile

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Is there a mod out there that can record your ascent profile?
What I'm looking for primarily is the ability to track the pitch along with the craft's velocity and altitude (as well as staging event's, but I'm mostly interested in this for SSTOs) while climbing to a stable orbit and at the end be able to see where the significant changes (in pitch) took place and how much dV was left over once a in a stable orbit. 

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You want data output / visual graphs in a window or a visualization onto the KSP screen? 

If second, you can have a look into MechJeb's FlightRecorder. Fully customizable and has export as well. I use it to emulate telemtry and such :P Looking at acceleration graphs drop off on staging and then crawl up again is slightly pleasing to look at. 

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