[1.2 stock] AR 234 Bomber W/Buzz Bomb (WW2 Luftwaffe)

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Arado 234 and the V1 Buzz Bomb

Click to Download!


The Arado 234 was a real wartime jet plane utilized by /\/azi Germany's Luftwaffe. They used it for a lot of purposes, wreaking havoc and terror being one of them. Here is an AR 234 equipped with 2 small bombs and 1 large. Also, on top you have a controllable V1 bomb. Admittedly, the V1 needed 2 Juno engines to fly well, so I nested them into eachother, deal with it! It's all stock and a ton of fun to fly. Have fun, bomb all the things!! :D 



RATO (Rocket Assist Take Off) pods hang under each wing and are dropped at the end of the run way. The Germans sure love their rockets!



Fully loaded, the AR 234 can fly without the available engine gimble OR afterburners toggled, while FULLY loaded.



The V1 is a completely separate and totally controllable craft with decent range. Scary to think these actually flew on London.




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