[1.4.1+, 1.5.1+] NSS/OctoSat-SOAR Continued (Modular Satellites, Reusable launchers)

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4 hours ago, Moofrog said:

Well the ingame description says they are 0.8(k)N. Maybe they are less well that octosat I put together for testing was pretty small. Also another thing when I put two of those dishes on it in symmetry mode one of them just physics wobbled out of place and disappeared and that with struts set to heavy. Without struts it looked like the kraken hit it. So maybe the description needs updating. Also I will have to install some information displaying mods, however I wanted to to be just OctoSat mod installed to keep it as clean as possible.

The are 0.8 kN.

Can you provide a craft file, I havent seen that issue you talked about.

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