The Elkano challenge (all versions accepted!)

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On 6/8/2019 at 10:36 PM, DRAG0Nmon said:

Ho Lam Kerman, that is amazing. Did you find the Curiosity camera arm stuck in the rock?


Yes, it's in a spoiler. I visited every anomaly on Duna.

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As this is a Heritage Challenge and OP is kicking about still, I feel honored to announce my completion of a Duna Elcano!  It initially started as an entry to one of @Death Engineering's fantastic challenges, and as such the mission report is in large part a Duna Von Braun mission, but I threw in an Impromptu Elcano as well :)

Mission Statistics:

  • Version - Stock 1.7.0
  • Wet weight - 198.585t
  • Dry weight - 124.575t
  • Total mission cost - 293,809 snacks
  • Propellant mass fraction - 0.3726867588
  • Mass per crew - 33.0975
  • Science points - This is not a science mission

Crew Manifest:

  • Gusbert Kerman - Scientist
  • Hans Kerman - Scientist
  • Kagas Kerman - Pilot
  • Ragas Kerman - Pilot
  • Endous Kerman - Engineer
  • Dudgar Kerman - Engineer

Here's a couple of photos to whet the appetite:





SM - Had fun!

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