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Kerbnet & Surface Scanner Queries


Two questions about different scanners;

1) When you use KerbNet on some of the more advanced probe cores, they have the ability to detect anomalies.  How do the mechanics of this work? Is there a one off chance of detecting an anomaly the first time you fly over or land in a new biome or does KerbNet recheck on each orbit/touch down?

2) I've been using a Surface Scanner to keep track of my position on my Mun Rover as it travels towards the South Pole.  The display looks something like -

Biome: Highlands, Lat 63.484 S [-1.108 N]  Lon 140.008 E [2.444 E] . . . . . . 

What do the figures in the square brackets after the Lat and Lon mean?

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1. Your game has a random seed attached to it. This is combined with the year and day, and name of the anomaly, and hashed. That is converted to a percentage. Each core has a base percentage to detect any anomaly. If the hashed percentage is less than your base percentage, you see the anomaly. So basically each day you have the base chance of seeing each anomaly if it's within range.

2. Square brackets are radians. Two pi of 'em in a circle.


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