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[SOLVED] Engine switching - Animations

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Does anybody know how the "MultiModeEngine" module handles the engine switch on code level? What makes the "MultiModeEngine" tick?

I have for long tried to make a more generel engine switching mod, but I keep bumping up against animations/effects disappearing or going crazy.... I've tried two approaches;

  1. what I think is stock alike (i.e. having multiple engines, and switching between them by shutting them down and changing the the "Fields" not to be shown).
  2. shadowing what is done in fuel switching (IFS and FS), by changing the settings of a single engine.

In both cases effect are a >>#¤%&/<< ...... I works the best with a single set of effects for all engine configurations, but I would really like it to work more generally than that.


I was somewhat lucky in version 1.1.2, with getting it work, while 1.1.3 killed it for some reason....

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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8 hours ago, sarbian said:

It's actually really simple. The module calls Activate on an engine and Shutdown on the other, and also set manuallyOverridden and isEnabled (false/true on one engine, true/false on the other)


Thanks sarbian, I will look at it again. I know I did not do anything to " manuallyOverridden".... I really hope this is it :kiss:

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@sarbian thanks again for your response. It helped a lot!!!

I still had issues with the effects on the rapier after copying one of the engines, to try it out with 3 ModuleEnginesFX. Turns out, that the effects does not get applied as I expected if two ModuleEnginesFX is referencing them. So I had to copy these in the effects node too, and give them new names. Then I actually got the switching to work with effects!!! Love it.

Question: Is the fact that a given effect cannot be applied twice intended/designed or a bug?


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12 hours ago, Warezcrawler said:

Question: Is the fact that a given effect cannot be applied twice intended/designed or a bug?

I doubt they were designed to be shared so I would say it works as intended.

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