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Realistic thrustcurves

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I was hoping to get some help with how to make realistic thrust curves. I know to make them, but I find it very hard to make the thrust curves realistic, or apply them to real world solid rocket motors. My current process is to add a bunch of lines with random numbers, test in-game, change the numbers, restart KSP, change the numbers, repeat.

Surely there is a much better and time-saving way of doing this? The Realism Overhaul guys seems to have this down to a science, seeing as their thrustcurve numbers are scary specific. Is there a tool that can emulate and generate exact numbers? I am trying to make this curve into a realistic thrustcurve in the game.


If there is a way to somehow copy this curve with these values and have them generated into numbers that can be copy/pasted into a MM file, I would love to know how.

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