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The Truth Can Now Be Told - Mysterious Machines


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In a shock news release by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), it was revealed that rumours of man's exploration of the moon in the Apollo program, having been observed by alien beings, were in fact true.

Pictures released today, show these alien creatures in close proximity to the astronauts of the Apollo missions, appearing to observe and even interact with them.




More information on this late breaking story and additional pictures, as we get it.


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Further pictures have been released of the revelation of Man meeting alien life forms on the Moon.


Here an astronaut is seen face to face with one of these creatures.



This image was captured during the deployment of a scientific package. What appears to be an alien spacecraft, quite unlike our own, and possibly its pilot are seen drifting across the sky



On another mission, what was described as a crash site of one of their craft was investigated and samples of their technology returned to earth for detailed study.



Under guarantees of strict anonymity, one of the Apollo astronauts described the experience of their encounter with these alien lifeforms.

"They appeared to have technology similar to that of our vehicles, but they must have had better methods of propulsion, as the parts that we brought home to be examined were fashioned out of low grade steel rather than lighter materials, such as aluminium or titanium. We even found some pig iron mixed in with the steel... I think my old Corvette must have been built lighter than their vehicles.

As for their behaviour towards us, mostly they just ignored us. Occasionally they'd come over to us, take a look at our gear, but they never hung around long.

Generally their activity there appeared to be a lot less disciplined than ours... we would be working on our strict sequence of tasks to a tight schedule, while they just seemed to goof around."


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On 27/11/2016 at 2:00 AM, KSK said:

Wonder what good ol' John Young made of that first shot?  I don't recognise the other two  - the versions previously released to the public I should say. :wink: 

That's Gene Cernan in a short lived lead in the rover race.

The real reason we didn't go back was reportedly that we lost a bet with Jeb on who could drive the fastest standing quarter time in 1/6th G :D

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In yet more revelations of the presence of alien beings and their craft in the 1960's and 70's, it was revealed that they had been observed even before a landing on the moon had been made.

This photo from the CSM of Apollo 7 in earth orbit shows one of these mysterious alien craft approaching the NASA vehicle.


In a statement one of the astronauts said "they maneuvered up to the S-IVB stage that we were using for docking approach tests, then the pod at the front of their vehicle suddenly sprouted a large claw type mechanism... scared the hell outta me when I saw that. Then they seemed to try to grab hold of the the S-IVB, but they just kept bouncing off of it... that claw wouldn't take hold of it I guess".


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Now that it's a sticky, I'll have to make some more images... errr... I mean obtain from my secret source, deep within NASA :wink:

I had already planned to tell more of the secret encounters of Apollo astronauts and Kerbals, but work, Christmas/New Year and my 2010: The Year We make Kontakt  story thread got in the way.

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I wonder what a Kerbal spaceplane would look like next to the space shuttle?

Knowing the Kerbals, they would probably have a 1000 ton space station made by claw-connecting together all the Human's old satellites and spent upper stages left in orbit. Then, they would try and push it out of the solar system to satisfy a contract. 

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In more images released today, the strange alien creatures that shadowed the Apollo space program, can be seen in close proximity to the various vehicles of Apollo.


An astronaut speaking on the condition of anonymity described the activity of an alien rover vehicle at their landing site.

"We'd just got back to the LEM from EVA 2 and had just finished the close out procedures and I decided to take a couple shots of the rover next to the flag, when all of a sudden a couple of these little guys, that the previous crews had told us about, shot past on some kinda rover of their own.

They were really tearing it up out there and we were considering our abort options, 'cos we were concerned about them crashing into the LEM, when all of a sudden they stopped and hopped off that rover of theirs."

The two of them walked around for a couple minutes, took a quick look at our rover... seemed 'specially interested in the TV camera... started yanking at it, thing almost snapped off.

Weird thing was that although the pair of them left their rover, they only seemed to move around one at a time. While one of them would be taking a walk, the other just stood there like a statue... kinda creepy really.

In the end they got back on their rover and took off round the back of the LEM... didn't see them again after that."




"On the way out the CM pilot was taking some film calibration photos inside the capsule and the processing guys must of had the shock of their life when they developed this one, as one of these creatures was right outside the hatch window.

We never noticed it at the time, I guess it was drifting past just the moment the photo was taken."




On an early Apollo missions one of the alien craft attempt a docking with one of the American spacecraft.

"The LEM had just detached from the CM and was in a roll so that we could inspect it when I noticed an unidentified object approaching at high speed from forward of the spacecraft.

It was traveling at a heck of rate straight at us, but when it was about 100 feet out, it fired what looked something like our retros and slowed down to a foot or two per second. After that, the vehicle maneuvered in towards our docking port and seemed to make an attempt to connect with us.

I didn't expect the vehicle would be able to dock with us, couldn't imagine that their equipment was compatible with our, but that didn't seem to stop them trying. They must have bumped into the docking ring 3, 4 times before they gave up and each time they hit, their vehicle would wobble around like crazy before they backed off and tried again.

Just glad the LEM could still dock with us again after the hammering the docking gear had taken."



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