KSPWheel - An alternate physics-based wheel collider solution for Kerbal Space Program. This is not a parts mod.  It does not add new parts to the game.  It is useless by itself. What it is, is a new Wheel Collider component, and a set of PartModules to enable its use on stock-rigging-compatible wheel models.  It is intended to be packaged as a dependency with other mods, similar to how FireSpitter / ModuleManager are used. What it does is provide a new physics-based wheel collider that is not subject to the limitations or performance constraints of the Unity5 WheelCollider component or the stock KSP PartModules.  It allows for multiple colliders in a single model with arbitrary collider orientations.  It uses a discrete spring/damper based suspension model that properly responds to changes in wheel loading (add more weight, and the suspension compresses more) (also now includes an optional auto-spring-calculation mode).  Includes curve-based independently tune-able lateral and longitudinal friction calculations, configurable rolling resistance, accurate and configurable motor power use calculations, and configurable steering parameters. There is nothing here intended for end-user use.  This plugin is an API and consists purely of functions and features intended for other mods and modders to use.   This thread is intended as a centralized area for discussion of features and balance.  DO NOT use it to submit bug reports.  You may -check- with others to see if something is a bug through the forum thread, but if it turns out to be a bug, you -must- file a report through github; failure to properly file the bug report will result in the bug not being fixed.   Downloads:  https://github.com/shadowmage45/KSPWheel/releases Documentation: https://github.com/shadowmage45/KSPWheel/wiki Bug Reports:  Only accepted through Github.  Include logs (KSP.log), screenshots if applicable, and steps for duplication or your issue will be summarily closed without response.  Be polite, do the responsible thing, and file proper bug reports.  Bugs reported on the forums will result in being reported to moderators for cluttering the thread and being personally ignored.  Just don't do it.  If you can't be bothered to submit a proper bug report, I'm not going to bother to fix your problem. Source:  https://github.com/shadowmage45/KSPWheel License:  Source is licensed under GPL.  Please see the accompanying license files, browse them at the repository, or view them on the web at: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html Legal / Other:  This mod redistributes ModuleManager under its own license terms.   KSPWheel is Used in the following mods (pm  me to be added to the list):