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[KSP 1.4.2] Play Your Way [1.0.7]

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Getting this exception only when loading an existing game in KSP 1.3.1:

LOG 02:02:28.608] [PlayYourWay]: The runtime is already installed (OK).
[EXC 02:02:28.608] TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'System.Func`2' from assembly 'mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'.
    PlayYourWay.PlayYourWayScenarioInjector.Start ()


Reproduction: start game, create new save, go back to main menu, load the game you just created. It also shows up when loading this savegame in a new session.

Installed mods: Modulemanager and Play Your Way


Possibly related issue

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Thanks for adding this Galileo! 

GPP 2.5x contracts usually don't give enough funds to make deep space missions worthwhile and thus you become stuck in the inner system unless you want to do a hundred inner system contracts to save up for a manned Nero mission. This mod finally allows me to fund it with the massive science points gain from such a mission. 



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Hello, I have a suggestion.

Would it be possible for you to add to the config something like this:

If Staged Progression = True then:

If Reputation <100 then Reputation Gain = 0.5 per unit and Fund Gain per unit = 1000


If Reputation 100>200 then Reputation Gain = 0.25 per unit and Fund Gain per unit = 2000


If Reputation 200>350 then Reputation Gain = 0.2 per unit and Fund Gain per unit = 2500


If Reputation 350> then Reputation Gain = 0.1 per unit and Fund Gain per unit = 3000


Or something like this with the numbers changeable in the config. I think it would add a nice user friendly progression.

I apologize if I am overstepping.




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On 12/6/2016 at 2:09 AM, Galileo said:

Sorry i missed this.. i added instructions to the OP 

I am compiling a version now and about to test it


Can I use the old .cfg to disable contracts? And how to enable the world firsts, that I receive without accepting anything? You removed that from the OP :P

Also, I wanted to use the labs (stock and from mods) as a renewable source of science, that I can choose where to place, but they are very overpowered. How do you suggest editing them? I guess that the better option is to generate very little data for each experiment, so I need a lot of experiments to make a profit - but I'm open to suggestions. I had look at the .cfg, but I'm little confused. I guess this is the part that handles everything:


        name = ModuleScienceLab
        containerModuleIndex = 0
        dataStorage = 750
        crewsRequired = 1
        canResetConnectedModules = True
        canResetNearbyModules = True
        interactionRange = 5
        SurfaceBonus = 0.1
        ContextBonus = 0.25
        homeworldMultiplier = 0.1
            name = ElectricCharge
            amount = 10

        name = ModuleScienceConverter
        dataProcessingMultiplier = 0.5 // Multiplier to data processing rate and therefore science rate
        scientistBonus = 0.25    //Bonus per scientist star - need at least one! So 0.25x - 2.5x 
        researchTime = 7        //Larger = slower.  Exponential!
        scienceMultiplier = 5    //How much science does data turn into?
        scienceCap = 500        //How much science can we store before having to transmit?        
        powerRequirement = 5    //EC/Sec to research
        ConverterName = #autoLOC_502055 //#autoLOC_502055 = Research
        StartActionName = #autoLOC_502056 //#autoLOC_502056 = Start Research
        StopActionName = #autoLOC_502057 //#autoLOC_502057 = Stop Research

And before I forget, simple awesome mod!

I like freedom and to explore. There are much more things I'd like to do in KSP them I have time - no point in wasting it in repetitive and pointless contracts. But I also didn't wanted to simple ignore money, or made my reusable designs useless. This mod is the perfect solution.


Just ignore the above, I'll just use contract configurator, and had received a great explanation on the labs here: 

Also found a great mod that might go well with this one:


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Updated for 1.4.2

10 hours ago, DatBoi said:

Can you make it take away money per Science Point, as though you have to pay the R&D boys?

Yes, you can set your funds to -x per science point in the cfg. For example:

	funds = -10
	rep = 1 
	queueLength = 1


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