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[1.9.X]Aircraft Carrier Accessories


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Aircraft Carrier Accessories

Download: SpaceDock


Now including test carriers: CVN-65 Enterprise and Type001 Liaoning. 

Also a .craft file included for training purpose.



Carrier for training purpose only, warranty void after launch.

The pack including 3 system at the moment.



Arresting wire

include a hook and a wire. Mount wire to the deck and hook on the plane. Drop hook to hook the wire and retract hook to release from wire.

Install guide: Place the arresting wire on the deck and perpendicular to the runway. Hide the white line under the deck after proper place.




is the white block, drive the front landing gear to the white block, the block turns blue after grab the wheel, the block will turn yellow after brake indicate it is prepared. Release the brake to launch. You can brake during the launch to terminate the launch. Switch to the carrier and right click the catapult to change the target velocity.

Install guide: Place the white block on the runway, the white line indicate the moving route, hide the line under the deck after proper place.






Optical landing system and Long-Range Lineup System

Activated automatically after install. Including relative velocity indicator (cyan line)and relative position indicator (red line).

Also, the OLS and LRLS indicator appear at the front of the plane.

Install guide: Aircraft is designed fly through the green window and land on the white block. Hide the white block under the Deck (after the 1st arresting wire) and place the green window at the edge of the deck.



Carrier Launching and Landing System 

Lights form the launching/Land Arresting zone. Right click menu to activate and deactivate system/switch between system.

When you start entering the launching zone, it will try to locate you in the middle of the launching zone, the arrows start extend and all the light turn blue. As soon as the ARROW extend to the end, press brake. All light turns yellow, and release the brake will start launch. Press brake again during launch will cancel the launch. Switch to carrier to modify the acceleration in right click menu.

When you entering the landing zone, keep your brake down will have you catch by the deceleration system, and release the brake will terminate the deceleration system and deactivate the system.

System will consume electrical charge to work. Drain rate is 1EC = 1ton*1m/s. Reaction force is also included.

Install guide: Hide the white block behind the back of the launching zone.



Tie Down System

Includes Tie down point Fixed point. Fixed point can link to Tie down point while speed is lower than 0.2m/s. Press "brake" while green chain appear, chain will turn pink and form a rigid link. Each Tie down point could link to multiple fixed point. Adjust Fixed point wire length to get larger sensing range.



Refuel/Reload System

Includes Fuel Cap, Fuel Nozzle and Reloadable Rail. Fuel Cap can link to Fuel Nozzle while speed is lower than 0.2m/s. Press "brake" and pipe will appear and form a rigid link. Each Fuel Nozzle could link to multiple Fuel Cap. Adjust Fuel Nozzle length to get larger sensing range. While refueling, Reloadable Rail will be reload too.

Tutorial video from KottabosGames

Recommended Mods:

Thanks to @KospY for the part creation code, @Kernowden Kerbinfor modeling of missile rail and Liaoning, @Icecovery for modeling tail hook.


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On 2016/12/3 at 10:55 AM, DownHereInChile said:

Best mod to come out this year! Do you think you could make a video showcase of the mod? That'd be awesome! Keep up the great work!

Yeah, a video instruction definitely helps since I didn't properly place the parts coordination, I will prepare one as soon as I fix the coordination problem. 

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On 12/6/2016 at 3:04 PM, CyCoolGames said:

Do you have to install Hyper Edit /VesselMover Continued/Kerbal Konstructs with Water spawn point to put the Aircraft Carrier in the water?

There might be more choice, like put GN-drive on the ship and fly the ship to the sea, 100,000 t is not a big challenge for dual-drive system.

You can find GN drive here :


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On 12/8/2016 at 4:17 PM, CyCoolGames said:

I cant get the mod to work for me I don't know why. the ship is there just not the Arresting wire, Catapult, and Optical landing system.


20 hours ago, iplayksp said:

me too

All parts are in structural, or  you can search their name.

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2 hours ago, iplayksp said:


sorry im impatient

got anything about no parts

2 hours ago, busterdylan said:

does this not work atm i went in the config and i can see its all there but doesnt work yet?

It could be the CKAN,nothing wrong here, I modify the compatible version, hope it will work.

Edited by flywlyx
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57 minutes ago, flywlyx said:

It could be the CKAN,nothing wrong here, I modify the compatible version, hope it will work.

im not using CKAN so dont no what it is ill reinstall again

also are u not ment to be able to turn the ship or also bug it was in the section with the hanger in the config

Edited by busterdylan
adding new bug
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