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[0.24.2] Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace v1.7.1 (22/09)

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Also, don't expect the BallShark to follow the 0.21.1 scheme for SAS etc.

Ballshark doesn't exactly work anyway -- even though Hullcam VDS is typically a drop-in replacement for MechJeb 1.9.8 camera functionality that Ballshark relies on, the camera motion plugin that Ballshark depends on needs at least a recompile and possibly some more in-depth kicking around.

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Procedfural wings?

If it is, it's a customized one, because it's got the same style and texture as the wings in the pizza pack here, which the default Pwings don't. I'm pretty sure it's not though, because Pwings is terrible for Deltas due to the way it scales. They end up super thick at the base and razor thin at the tip.

It looks like it has the same scaling versus the tip as the wings in the pack do. Just a LOT shorter.


Here's a mockup I made using the parts in the pack, to make it easier to see what I mean.


It's easy to see in this just how much further out the wings extend, even though it looks like the root is about the same size (if positioned maybe a bit further back on mine.) You can also see the one in the screenshot from the first page is only using two control surface segments to cover the whole length and I've had to use three (The only longer one was far too thick, and clearly didn't match the original photo.)

Edit2: Whoops, I think I read the numbers wrong. What I'd be looking for then would be a 3x4 Wing2. Or maybe even a 4x4 Delta.

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Updated version using Module Manager incoming, in testing.

Nothing new, mind, just making it work with the latest FAR the way I want to, and fixing a few bugs in taniwha's MM version - which I used as a base, thanks for saving me the work!

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1.5 is out.

Only notable functional change is a fix to the intake parameters for the nacelles and all small intakes, thanks to a better formula found by someone over on the B9 aerospace thread, which I've had in dev for a while but couldn't release due to KSP bluescreening me. Intake performance of the nacelles and small intakes should now be as I originally intended it.

As noted in the OP, if upgrading and you do not use a mod manager, please be sure to reinstall the Gamedata/Squad folder, as from 1.5 onwards this pack does not overwrite the stock .cfg files anymore, and leaving the old ones in could lead to duplicate parts and other weirdness.

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Can anyone link the node fixing mod? And is this something that would make control surfaces not embed inside the wing by chance?

Thanks for this mod, Taverius. Your control surfaces make flying possible for me. The B9 control surfaces were just too big and flappy.

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- v1.5.1

  • Update small versions of stock jets to use the proper heat animations.
  • Fix for stock engine nacelle doing 3x as much drag as it should for its intake size.
  • Update small engine nacelle using new base area values.
  • Update alternator values on engines as appropriate.
  • Hook in R&D.
    • TurboJet moved to Supersonic, cost/entry cost decreased.
    • Decrease cost for Mk2/Mk3 adapters as these don't have fuel here.

    [*]New wing data based on 3 decimal point precision measurements of mesh vertexes.

    • FAR already has these measurements, FAR data for stock wings removed.

  • Override FAR's thrust levels for jets, if present.
  • Convert remaining .png textures to .tga for faster loading and proper MipMap generation.
  • Remove TT's mods from Extra, I don't use them any more.
  • Remove KSPX fixes from Extra, they are now in the base mod v0.2.4.
  • Add RW Improved Trusses to Extra and hook it into R&D.
  • Redo Novapunch winglet rebalance as a ModuleManager file, with new vertex-based measurements of the wings.

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Ah, gotcha. I just found it annoying to have to check there weren't extra things in my Squad folder when upgrading, and if you ever have to restore Squad from backup you have to remember what's in it too.

Well, sorta: you can't use rescaleFactor, but that's fine; you just bake it into scale and the model's own scale. :)

So for the C7 standard:

scale = 0.01

rescaleFactor = 1.25

want half scale

so MODEL{ scale = 0.625, etc }

scale = 0.00625

rescaleFactor = 1

works fine.

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