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This project is currently under review by the moderation staff, pending approval of the changes that have been made. Until approved by a moderator, the project will not be visible to others, and its files will not synchronize across the Curse network.

The purpose of this mod is to provide an option to assign hotkeys to SAS modes (such as stability assist, hold propagade etc.). For example, with setting one key for each SAS mode to one key on the keypad, switching between modes is just one keypress, even if the navball is hidden.

The hotkeys are configurable through Hotkey Manager. It can be accessed by clicking on the Hotkey Manager icon (toolbar.png?raw=true) on the toolbar.


Other options can be configured through the stock settings menu: Settings / Difficulty Settings / SAS Hotkeys. (As of KSP 1.2, Difficulty Settings is the only place to put custom settings, the other option is custom dialog and toolbar button).



  • First release.


  • Use HotkeyManager v0.2.0.
  • Add hotkey to explicitly disable or enable SAS.
  • Add options settable in stock settings:
    • Add option to automatically enable SAS.
    • Add option for continuous trigger.

Source Code

Binary release: Github, Curse

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