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Help on grading student missions

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I am using KerbalEdu with my High School Aviation class.  The students are enjoying the content but I am having a challenge coming up with an effective way of grading their work and progress.  Is there a way other than screen shots that you have used to grade?  Any advice is appreciated. 

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Possibly grade them based on ∆-V, whether or not the victims crew died, and it's capabilities. I'm assuming your students are making aircraft, so also give them bonus points for doing crazy things like making asymmetrical aircraft, lifting bodies, SSTO's etc. I wish you good luck using KSP as an educational tool, as I see the future of learning being characteristic of making learning fun, and I don't mean "edutainment" games like "Prodigy". If a student can play a game that requires them to learn the concepts in order to get good at the game, then they will learn and have fun doing it. Making learning interactive is key to allowing students to understand concepts.

Also, are your students using Procedural Wings? It's a very useful mod.

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