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Recreate launch of CYGNSS

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Disclosure: I'm not really in a position to judge who did best and award accordingly and I'm really only in this to see some cool videos of how NASA is acheiving their CYGNSS launch in a form where I can understand what is happening (KSP interface).

On December 12th NASA will launch a constellation of eight satelites on a Pegasus rocket which will be carried to its launch point on the underside of an airplane. I am interested in seeing how the heck this works considering that the satelites have no means of propulsion themselves but still need to end up in appropriate orbits. I don't know whether their Pegasus rocket can/does switch on and off when releasing satelites (I've asked in the Reddit AMA but I don't know whether I will get a response). I guess for the purpose of determining which submission is the best, we could consider how accurate the recreation is with each aspect weighted to how important it is (e.g. having the right coloured rocket isn't as important to me as the configurations of the orbits of the satelites).

I'm not really interested in the aeroplane landing after it separates from the rocket. I'd suggest letting it fall in the sea. I also don't think it's very important to exactly mimic the mechanism used to release satelites if it requires mods. If you've got the mods then cool, but otherwise, whatever KSP has in stock is fine, I guess.

Can someone else take it from here? :D I just want to watch the resulting videos! 

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The satellites will be positioned using differential drag.  By changing the attitude of a satellite you can increase the drag causing it to slow down more or less than other satellites in the constellation .  This is not realizable in KSP Since there is no drag above 70km

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