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Medieval Weapons Pack for KIS

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Hello Fellow kerbals! I have now been a member of the KSP forum for almost a year now, and now that its christmas time i wanted to make a mod that NO ONE has ever made before.

So i give you the Medieval Weapons Pack for KIS ! This is a mod which adds some weapons from the medieval era.


Currently there are only four parts and they are: Dagger, Spear, Short Sword and Long Sword but i want to add some more weapons (they are listed bellow).





Siege Weapons


Battle Axe

Bow and arrow

and a lot of other parts!

Alright... Tired of Big Ugly and heavy guns? Just wishing you could stab someone? well now you can!

Review by kottabos games.

This is a review of the OLD version.


Download:Medieval Weapons Pack DOWNLOAD!

Requires the Kerbal Inventory System mod.

License: MIT

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Alright... Tired of Big Ugly and heavy guns?

I feel obligated to leave this here. It's an excerpt from the Wikipedia article for History of the Firearm



Aside from that, I'm looking forward to seeing this pack develop.

@legoclone09 Are we allowed to say Deus Vult here?

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On 12/14/2016 at 3:07 AM, Jeb-head-mug kerman said:

Thank you kottabos games for making this review!

And thank you for the amusing mod, can't wait to see how it develops

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Nice!!! Now we just need some re-textured medieval suits for use with Texture Replacer and like a steam punk mod or something... There's the Vertical Propulsion Emporium but it hasn't been updated in awhile and it's more like Renaissance style, so maybe a reskin for it to.


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