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Hot Air Balloon


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Hot Air Balloon

The Hot Air Balloon is a craft build that I have not yet landed, its a very slow process and I may attempt to travel to the Island at a later date. The Balloon has 8 Whiplash Engines and some Large Reaction Wheels for control and lift for the Balloon. It actually looks nice when ascending with the engine exhaust I just didn't show it in the Video so the Balloon looked more realistic in flight.

Special Note: The Video is very deceiving, 8 Whiplash Engines lift the Balloon, although it will looks like they will cook the Kerbals in the basket it will fly, oh don't worry about those Kerbals, their Suits are very High Tech, they remain very comfortable and enjoy the ride.

















Craft File: Hot Air Balloon

Parts: 981
Mass: 57.552t
Height: 26.7m
Width: 12.7m
Length: 12.7m

Operation: Engage RCS & SAS, Apply Full Throttle,  Press Space bar to Ignite Whiplash Engines, After Engines run about 10 seconds press Space bar again to release the Craft. Pressing the Space bar once again will Ignite the Puff Engines then one last press of the Space bar will release an additional remote, I did this for better views of the Basket and Kerbals.

Action Groups

1- Toggle Whiplash Engines
2- Toggle Puff Engines
3- Toggle Ladders
4- Toggle Door

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4 hours ago, Majorjim! said:

Nice work man! The part count is eye watering though. Why so high?

Thanks man! The part count I would say is the Lighting and the Cubic Octagonal Struts, this was my best guess for small rope. I guess I could have made this in two parts and used EAS-4 struts. When I build stuff part count is not on my mind until my computer starts crying. Also I thought these were best for weight concerns.

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