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[1.5.1] AoA Technologies - Maintenance & Development thread

Wolfair corp.

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1 minute ago, DiscoveryPlanet said:

Whhhoooooaaa :o:D sure sure it is my honour, hahahaha, you could use all of my pictures if you want too, one day (after this holyday) I will share all of my craft to kerbalx hahaha

Could you upload the craft file on dropbox or something?

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Hollla  @Wolfair corp. sorry for waiting,  here is SUKHOI PAK FA CRAFT link, you can use it freely 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvzisdq9euufs34/Sukhoi Su-57 PAK FA Prototype.craft?dl=0


-Airplane plus (for front gear)

-Kerbal Foundries

-B9 Aerospace ProceduralWings

-KerbalJointReinforcement (dont forget to use this mod)

-and of course BDarmory Mod


Enjoy :D:D:D




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just add some word
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Recent adopter of this cute mod, I'm particularly interested in the engine but I also intend to focus in later career on spaceplanes.

However, I'm still in early-career, and a randomly generated contract includes running "electronic report" at the Tracking Center at KSC.  I accepted the contract because that's how early-career I am.

I also run SETI, which offers "Telemetry Report" as a probe-core-equivalent of a Crew Report (separate Science, too, which I especially like since I have such hardmode settings with diminished Science returns from experiments.)

Installing this mod doesn't overwrite Telemetry Report as an option on appropriate probe cores.  However, I also cannot confirm that Electronic Report exists on any probe core, whether provided by this mod or otherwise.  I have unlocked the tech node for the Falcon-RCS (can't seem to find the non-RCS variant in my part list yet) and while I haven't paid to unlock it in the VAB yet, the mouseover info doesn't show this Electronic Report to be available.

Is this a bug?  Is there an extra step I'm not seeing?  Is paying the not-inexpensive part unlock cost required to even see this function, even though all other part stats are already visible by mouseover?  Should I uninstall/reinstall?  Or cancel the contract?

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