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Submarine Help



So, I am currently writing a war series on the forums and I am going to need your help with a new chapter. I am (planning to) have a naval battle, and submarines are going to be crucial in this. One issue though; I have no idea how to make said submarines. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

(Note: I have no mods except BDArmoury and I'm thinking about getting Kerbinside (Which adds more airbases), so anything with stock parts except weapons) Would be super handy.)

(Note II: I'm using 1.1.3)

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Kerbinside also adds docks, but they are decoration. To be able to launch from the docks, you also need HyperEdit or Kerbal Konstructs. jplrepo is also working on another mod that adds completely functional docks.

To make a sub all you need to do is make a jet, and then add a lot of ballast -- because almost everything in KSP floats. Water has a lot of drag, and a lot of lifting potential, so you need a lot less wing (or none). For ballast, ore tanks are good. Jet engines work underwater. AFAIK, rocket engines don't.

I flew this sub from the launchpad to the water with the vector, and then the two wheesleys give me underwater power. (This was in sandbox and I used infinite fuel -- it only has a couple hundred units of Lf onboard, which only gives you a limited range).


(One thing you have to watch out for is that your underwater CoL is completely different from above water -- because above water everything just has weight, but below most things have buoyancy.)


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