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Development Update for Consoles!

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Hello everyone!

We have an exciting announcement to make regarding Kerbal Space Program on console. Here at the KSP HQ, we put the players at the heart of every decision we make and everything we do. We are very fortunate that an amazing community grew around KSP, whose members are passionate, supportive, engaged and provide us with invaluable feedback that we are always monitoring and listening to.

We are currently working to bring Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2. - Loud and Clear! as a free update for console versions, allowing players to enjoy the game at its fullest. We are working hand in hand with BlitWorks, who specialize in optimizing PC games for consoles and have worked on several hit independent games for several platforms. We’re thrilled about our collaboration and we’re certain that our conjoint efforts will bear the fruits we are hoping for.

The latest Update, Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 - Loud and Clear! for consoles will let you enjoy a broad range of improvements and features that will enrich the overall game experience, such as the introduction of CommNet and KerbNet, a rewrite of the Stability Assist System (SAS) that makes your launches more accurate and fuel efficient, more tweakable options for many parts, a complete fuel system redesign, and much more!

This update will be FREE for all owners of the Xbox One and PS4 versions, regardless of the date of purchase.

Moreover, we are also very happy to announce, that with this update's launch, the PS4 port will be made available in Europe, too!

Our goal is to release the Updates early next year.

Here are some of the highlights for this update:


Set up your own communications networks and have better control over your probes even when they cannot establish a direct connection. Link your probes back to Kerbin via an antenna to be completely autonomous and build relay networks for better science transmission!


Use satellites for reconnaissance purposes, scan the terrain below you, find biomes and anomalies, and place custom waypoints with a targeting interface.


The Fuelflow system has been rewritten and now you have total control over how the fuel flows through your vessels!


The stability of Wheels has been greatly improved. Your rovers, wheeled vehicles will now turn and handle smoothly, making the overall driving experience more pleasant. Aircraft are also more stable, and all wheels have realistic load limits.


You can see the full 1.2.2 changelog here :

=================================== v1.2.0 ============================================================
*Fix data corruption file issue
*Fix freezing issues at VAB and SHP

+++Unity 5.4
* Engine change from 5.2 to 5.4.0p4

+++Libraries and Packages
* Implemented Text Mesh Pro, which basically vectorizes all of our fonts, making them look much better, especially at larger font sizes. Also has a lot of extra utility that we can leverage for various effects.
* Upgraded Vectrosity to latest version.
* Upgraded Vehicle Physics Pro to latest version.

+++Code cleanup
* Heavily reduced garbage generation caused by foreach loops, Linq usage, and various other things.
* Made sure that all of our singleton classes properly clean themselves up.
* Optimized KerbalEVA.
* Rewrote CrewManifest and related crew handling (roster, vessel crew list, etc).
* Optimized PartModules.
* Optimize latitude/longitude/altitude calls to often use a combined get-all method.
* Fix how some enumerator interfaces are declared in classes.
* Optimized waypoint site name generation to generate a lot less garbage with its string lists.
* Many part modules now cache parts instead of polling the entire vessel multiple times per frame.
* Revised how most forces and torques are applied (see note on this subject below in Moddability).
* Added DoubleCurve
* ScenarioModules now awake and load during game load and so are valid in modules' OnStart.
* Considerable work to Krakensbane and FloatingOrigin to improve precision and performance and lower garbage.
* Various ISRU fixes and performance improvements.
* Default KSPEvents and KSPActions to being nonpersistent in terms of state. This means all their fields won't be serialized/deserialized to and from the save game files.
* Now always use g0 = 9.80665 and G (big G) = 6.67408e-11 for gravitational constants.

+++Flow Overhaul
* Rewrote resource flow entirely. Now just four flow modes. Can set per-tank priority for all but AllVessel and NoFlow. Surface crossfeed for rocket engines as well as jets. Fixed priority issues. Much faster. PartResources no longer MonoBehaviours. Can set crossfeed per attach node. Electric Charge now uses STAGE_PRI so can be prioritized. Resource transfer in flight can be set to require valid crossfeed for those resources which obey crossfeed. With Advanced Tweakables on, can see flow graph in VAB/SPH (right-click on a part).

* Fixed SAS unlocking for all ships in physics range when maneuvering the ship in focus.
* The code for the older “Stability Assist” and somewhat newer “Pilot Steering” modes has been unified.
* SAS now dynamically adjusts for the vessel’s mass properties and available control authority.
* SAS uses a “stability decay” method to reduce oscillations (or twitching) when very near the target orientation.
* Pilot Steering modes now include a “coast” and “stop” mode when transitioning between steering points.

* WheelColliders are now properly handled by collision manager, and no longer require the wheel "blocking" workaround to clip into other parts.
* Fix hill "sticking" force overcompensating, resulting in a not so slow drift uphill when parked on one with wheels or legs.
* Wheel deployment modules now search along the animation timeline upon retraction for the time closest to where the wheel suspension is located, instead of starting from 100%. This fixes the hop when retracting landing legs.
* Added tweakable that allows player to specify whether his wheels deploy while shielded in a cargo bay.
* Fix landing legs being exported to the wrong collision layer.
* Wheel gravity is now properly handled in a standard manner, which should fix a good deal of instability.
* Fix EVA kerbals blowing up wheels on contact. They now go through them.
* Fixed landing legs teleporting from a semi-deployed state to a semi-retracted state when retracted.
* Wheel damage does not process damage for two seconds after a vessel loads, prevents spontaneous explosions.
* Suspension colliders are no longer disabled for 0.5 seconds upon retract, causing them to fall through the ground momenarily, blowing up your engines.
* Deployable landing gear and legs now have deployment sounds.

+++Communications Networks
* Additional functionality and gameplay components to the Antenna and Probe parts through a series of distinct but related mechanics. When CommNet is enabled, probes will require a connection back to Kerbin or to a control point to have full control, and crewed vessels lacking pilots will have slightly limited control without such a connection. Relays can extend the range of such connections and bounce signals around planets and moons that would otherwise occlude. Science transmission receives a bonus for high signal strength. New antenna parts allow building complex networks, which can be visualized in map view. See KSPedia for more details.

* Added KerbNet, which allows the player to see terrain under their satellite, and place custom waypoints with a targeting interface. Allows the player to see biomes and anomalies at higher levels. Scan field of view for KerbNet varies by part and smoothly changes between surface altitude and orbital altitude.
* KerbNet allows all probes and labs manned by a scientist to map as long as they have a communications network connection that eventually bounces to Kerbin.
* Gave KerbNet visibility modes to hide some of the interface around the map.
* Gave KerbNet auto-refresh settings to allow it to refresh without player intervention.
* Gave KerbNet enhanced mode, which activates on some vessels such as rovers to give them better sensors in certain situations.
* Add game option that allows KerbNet to either orient to the orbit normal, preventing flipping when passing over the poles, or to orient to north, which is less disorienting for some players.
* Many aspects of KerbNet given flavor and fluff. Scanning a sun results in yellow and white noise, scanning a gas giant is similar except hued based on that planet. Stars and scan static can appear in the background past the horizon of a scan.
* Resources can specify a scientific abbreviation. Utilized in KerbNet for the mode icon.

+++Debug Window
* Completely overhauled the debug window to utilize new Unity GUI.
* New debug console has syntax highlighting that highlights classes with persistent pastel colors if they bracket their names. [Bracket] your class names in debug logs modders.
* New debug console has command input support which is moddable, type /help for a full listing of commands, and what they do.
* Added new debug screen for creating kerbals with specific names, genders, skills, levels, and classes.
* Debug options for displaying errors/exceptions as screen messages.
* Added set orbit debug cheat screen.
* Added rendezvous controls to set orbit debug cheat screen.

* All anomalies (ObT, mean anomaly, eccentric anomaly, true anomaly) are now consistently negative when approaching the periapsis for both elliptical and hyperbolic trajectories (previously, only hyperbolic trajectories used negative anomalies). This means that eccentric anomaly and true anomaly are now in the range -pi..pi instead of 0..2pi for elliptical trajectories.
* Reference frames instead of quaternions are used for calculating orbital position and velocity, leading to increased speed when rendering patched conics.
* Improved precision in orbit calculations.
* Rewrote orbit targeting / closest approach finding.
* Fixed issues where objects jump when going on and off rails.
* Fix target orientation markers when the target is on rails.
* Refactored such that orbital position and velocity and vessel position and velocity are correct for the FixedUpdate cycle.
* Made target relative velocity work for celestial bodies.
* Trajectories that re-encounter a body just escaped are now detected.
* Trajectories that encounter two bodies now correctly show the first encounter even if it is further out (eg, Mun stealing a Minmus encounter).
* Elliptical encounter trajectories no longer flicker.
* Conic patch settings (draw mode and limit) are now exposed in the Video Settings.
* Added game option for legacy orbit targeting.
* Map node labels space themselves out nicely when cluttered.
* Targeting info for moons in other SoIs now works.

* Contracts are now also weighted by celestial body, so if the player starts declining contracts to Jool, they will see them less often.
* Contracts now keep track of if they have been viewed. There are three states: unseen, seen but not clicked, and clicked and read.
* Contract weighting now applies negative weight if a contract has been viewed when it expires.
* Exploration contracts now always appear in Mission Control if there is not one currently available.
* Explore contracts overhauled, they now utilize the same logic World Firsts used to use to select a "package" of related objectives. They can appear multiple times per planet now, and should have a much more logical progression than they used to.
* Exploration contract progression slowed slightly, now requires science on a planet before allowing a fly by of the next one. Also, in the early game, return from orbit and return from fly by are required before advancing on the Muns of the homeworld.
* Removed old single objective World First contracts, other than the initial four.
* Waypoint captions for survey contracts now state the altitude band of each waypoint.
* Fix contract orbits not cleaning up properly when their contracts are cancelled as opposed to completed.
* Grand tour contracts now require a new vessel to complete, so they cannot be cheesed by keeping one around that has seen every planet.
* Fix contextual surveys not properly bouncing the navigation waypoint.
* Asteroid recovery objective reworded and given a note for clarity.
* Asteroid side objectives in facility construction contracts will now not appear unless the same requirements for asteroid recovery contracts to appear are met.
* Crew transfer progress tracking objective reworded to make it clear that it does not need to utilize existing crew.
* Reworded objective to hold above a waypoint in stationary orbit contracts for clarity.
* If Kerbal G limits are enabled, tourists can either require going unconscious or require not going unconscious during the trip. Check the parameter details!
* Adjusted Exploration contract flavor text to work better in multi-objective scenarios.

* Biomes for many bodies have been redesigned for clarity, beauty, and utility. And we've hidden a few extra surprises around as well!

+++Easter Eggs
* Added hidden fun stuff to almost every planet.
* Mohole given an empty PQSCity, which allows it to appear in KerbNet.
* Gave many easter eggs colliders.
* Fix Duna's SSTV not playing.
* Unburied Duna's MSL.

+++Other Work
* Advanced Tweakables option in Gameplay Settings. With it off, some advanced features are hidden. Defaults off.
* Autostrutting available for all parts (AT).
* Autostruts can be gated behind a technology in career and science mode defined in Physics.cfg, by default it is the same technology regular struts are on.
* Add grandparent mode to auto-struts.
* Parachutes can have automatic holding of deployment until safe (AT).
* Actuation toggles now affect symmetry counterparts in editor (some other RCS/gimbal bits do too). Also hidden under Advanced Tweakables (AT).
* Utilize HSV color space in more locations.
* Quadrupled the amount of loading screen messages. You know, the important stuff.
* Loads of new options in the difficulty settings.
* Science data can be transferred by the part-part transfer mechanic (for certain probe cores).
* Added physics easing for when landed/splashed vessels come off rails.
* Certain probe cores (and the new science container part) can transfer data with no EVA required.
* There is an additional drag curve whose function is to raise drag coefficient to a power based on the mach number. This leads to blunter things having (relatively) more drag supersonic than they did and pointier things having (relatively) less than they did. Pods will slow down better on steep reentries and planes will produce drag in better proportion to how streamlined they are (less overpowered airplane drag).
* Fairings now include support for placing multiple payloads in them (and showing trusses for said payloads).
* Tourist contracts work better with the Kerbal Gee Tolerance option.
* Add a small negative contract weight for contracts that are read but not accepted.
* Existing resource narrow band scanner ported to KerbNet interface, allowing it to zoom, among other things.
* Removed biome readout information and flag rendering on narrow band scanner.
* Added ellipsis to many text labels and fields, to prevent overflow while looking nice.
* Input keys in the settings screen automatically expand with screen resolution.
* Default parachute deployment mode set to "when safe" - players everywhere rejoice.
* All tooltips cooked to a nice golden color.
* Added Viewmatic Survey Satellite stock relay craft.
* Added /b4d455 command, which starts a game off with basically everything.
* Background ambiance in the space center scene now fades smoothly between birds by day and crickets by night.
* Background ambiance in the space center scene now fades out when at max time warp.
* Background ambiance in general no longer always starts at zero, it randomly seeks when the scene loads. Hence, loading a game no longer immediately plays the exact same bird trill.
* Most stock planes given a look over based on player feedback.
* Added editor part categories for ground, electrical, communication, thermal, payload, and coupling parts.
* Screen message text given much higher visibility.
* Facilities in the space center now have verbose context menus in sandbox mode, allowing you to see their upgrades. They always show the maximum level of upgrades.
* "Require Complete" on antennae is now persistent and its state is saved.
* Added community contest winner kerbal and unique waypoint names.
* Camera can now be pointed at parts, not just vessel center of mass.
* Added Plane and Relay vessel types/icons.
* Airbrakes now have deployment limits.
* Rebalance fairing panel mass downwards slightly.
* Difficulty options for limiting part pressure and G-force tolerance.
* Difficulty option for kerbal G-force tolerance. Kerbals go unconscious if their tolerance is exceeded.
* Slight performance tweaks to some early 1.25m engines.
* Swap around some early science parts in the tech tree.
* Redid Eve's atmospheric pressure curve to smooth it out and remove errors. Eve's atmosphere thins out much faster now, so the high atmosphere is thinner. Also tweaked Jool's atmosphere so it rapidly goes from 15 atmospheres to 50 in the last few kilometers to achieve crushing pressures.
* Can right-click on icons in the staging list to trigger the Part Action Window.
* Support Rigid Attachment (non-bendy) option for part joints in cfg and in the PAW.
* Added an "Action Groups Always Allowed" advanced difficulty option.
* Add 0.625m heat shield.
* Lift from capsules and heat shields better handled to make lifting reentries better (easier).
* Restructured in-flight pause menu to better show all options.
* Don't lock all controls when using Warp To, only some.
* Fix terrain vanishing at 1000m depth.
* Allow targeting of close vessels by double-clicking.
* Angle the canopies of parachutes in symmetry away from each other.
* Resource transfer rate when transferring between parts now based on ingame time (taking warp into account) not realtime.
* Fix issues with TR-2L stats.
* Show tooltips on kerbal portraits.
* Fix scientist skill text.
* Fix issue with ladders not being re-grab-able if you board a seat, retract a ladder, leave the seat, then extend the ladder.
* Update maneuver node patches (for targeting) when the vessel target changes.
* The runway lights now follow the day/night cycle.
* Moved a low tech wheel to a lower tech tier.
* Moved an atmospheric sensor down to the science tech branch.

+++Misc Fixes and Changes
* Fixed issue where disabled RCS would enable during staging. Mods need to set stagingEnabled=False in their ModuleRCS blocks (unless they want staging on).
* Catch exceptions during part loading so the loading process doesn't come to a halt.
* Fix some issues with decouple modules, allow specifying the ejection force vector.
* Try/catch the other PartModule update loops so one bad module doesn't interrupt others.
* Don't try to set constant KSPFields.
* Null check when getting resource mass on unloaded vessels with removed resources.
* Remove some debug spam when querying Science Subjects by ID.
* Fix Resource Display to show all resources correctly.
* Improve launch clamp stability on revert.
* Fix an issue with ModuleTripLogger not applying to kerbals in non-root parts.
* Ablative shields with Ablator tweaked down in the VAB no longer show up pre-scorched in flight.
* Ablative shields no longer show solid black when reaching zero ablator.
* Fix serious regression with flow multipliers in ModuleEnginesFX.
* Fix a wrong rotation in Moment of Intertia calculations.
* Correct stock temperature gauges to use gauge threshold.
* Fixed currency symbols not displaying properly when UI scale is changed by using inline Text Mesh Pro sprites.
* Probe cores now have a hibernate feature which offers only partial control when activated but draws much less electricity. Can be set to automatically hibernate in warp (advanced tweakable).
* Added a game setting for default throttle (rather than keeping it in Physics.cfg).
* Fix bug where space center view can be messed up on loading a save from the main menu if the game was switched away from during load (old workaround was clear the input locks).
* Renamed Science Tech to Scanning Tech since that's what it's for.
* Fixed where CoPOffset and CoLOffset had CoMOffset added to them during application.
* Fixed where an exception during loading of parts would stop the game loading.
* IVA navball works like normal navball (vectors hidden when velocity is too small, radial and normal cues show only in Orbit mode).
* Fix an issue where prop requirement met (on engine menus) was not being intuitively correct. See note in Moddability, below, for how to update jet parts.
* Fix kerbals sliding on ladders.
* For EVA kerbals, 'SAS' light shows whether the kerbal will reorient when a translate key is pressed (as set in Input Settings). T toggles this behavior when in EVA mode.
* Several dialogs (such as quicksave) now accept Escape and Enter keys for dismissing or accepting contents. Science reports accept Tab to cycle messages.
* Quicksave and Quickload hotkeys (F5/F9) work in KSC view.
* The VAB/SPH part search tool now clears when pressing Escape.
* Crossfeed toggle module can now require a technology researched to enable itself. Radial decouplers now cannot toggle crossfeed until Fuel Systems.
* Fixed loader info in saves to not contaminate a stock save if you load a modded save while playing pure stock.
* Can toggle whether navball hides going into map view.
* Can now use antenna's Start Transmission action in control groups.
* Added ability to register credit for Kerbal experience gains in the MPL
* When a Kerbal plants a flag, credit is given to all landed/splashed Kerbals in physics range.  Prevents the need to have flag-planting parties with large crews.
* Made celestial bodies rotate in the R&D archives again
* Updated in flight Pause Menu to include Load, Save and Exit options
* Updated in flight quickloads to show more detailed load dialog
* Fix CBAttributeMapSO (biome detection) to use only nearby biomes as candidates, not all biomes.
* Fix for vessels not retaining targets on quickload
* Fix for targeting hanging up in limbo state when reverting to launch
* Fix for losing targeting when switching vessels (such as when docking)
* Targeting properly restores for individual parts (i.e. docking ports) during quickload and vessel switching
* Fix for Tracking station list deselcting active vessel on list changes
* Fix for Map filter hiding the current and/or targetted vessel
* Fix an issue with stars fading in/out instantly.
* Add lift and drag displays back to wings/control surfaces.
* Fix some EVA state issues not updating correctly, leading to kerbals getting stuck 'floating'.
* Retractable landing gear produce less drag than they used to when retracted and much more when extended.
* Enable staging toggling on fairings.
* Fix ModuleSAS in standalone mode using real time not game time for resource requests.
* Properly format facility name in editor exit dialog.
* Stopping near things no longer keeps EVA interaction messages open in map.
* Corrected usage of the word "topology" in ScienceDefs.
* Settings screen does not actually set the resolution unless the resolution actually changes.
* Mark 2 docking port given the same tooltips as other docking ports.
* World First speed, distance, and altitude records can no longer be set while in a prelaunch state.
* Fix engineer report entries not updating when their icons change.
* Fix Skywinder stock vessel having no description.
* Fix typos in stock "SatelliteLauncher" craft file.
* Fix early game progression cheat not unlocking the science progress node.
* Manufacturer added to mystery goo.
* Part search now splits search terms on dashes, fixing searches for several engine designations, and things like "Convert-O-Tron".
* Version text made more visible in experimental builds.
* Using curly braces in a vessel name no longer obliterates the universe.
* Resource scanners now show "0%" rather than "Unknown" if the area is known, but the resource abundance is super low.
* Remove roll torque on docking ports (by default).
* Fix pod lights not being in Lights action group by default.
* Fix some zeroed attachment vectors on parts leading to log spam.
* Fix drag from struts and fuel lines.
* Vessel G-force is now reported correctly when on rails.
* Fix issue with ModuleDeployablePart (and solar panels, which derive from it) always reporting multiple drag cubes even when the animation isn't the panel's and it doesn't track the sun.
* Fix long-standing bug with FlightLogger not logging Gs right.
* Fix missing manufacturer for Mystery Goo.
* Ion engine now has resource bars, and will leave a tiny bit of EC remaining when drawing EC so the vessel can still be controlled.
* Fix issue with ladder tests in Engineer's Report.
* Fix explosions moving with vessel.
* Fix issue with command seat and docking port joints.
* Fix vessel counts in vessel type filters.
* Fix shielded docking ports to not be stageable.
* Fix issue where parts would play their staging FX on load, not just on staging.
* Fix an issue with zero drag area breaking physics.
* Deactivate Lab if it is activated and no scientists are present.
* Improve stars' fade-in-fade-out during dawn and dusk.
* Fix issue where loading an unloaded vessel with a converter will lead to it not processing all ore.
* Default to not logging (to flight logger or to the log file) when engine exhaust heats a part.
* Show negative funds and negative altitudes (depth) by turning the widget red.
* Fix issue with screen rotating when KSP is not the active application.
* Ignore launch clamps when getting craft size for facility checks.
* Fix CoP/CoL on two fins being off.
* When finding first vessel control source, require crewed parts to also have the command module on them before they are valid candidates.
* IVA radar altitude gauge shows height from seabed when underwater.
* Fix initial rotation of LT-1 and LT-2 landing legs.
* Don't allow docking port shields to be closed while docked.
* RCS thrust forces array properly zeroed when RCS is not firing.
* Fix Offset Gizmo issue for surface mounted parts with colliders that don't cover the entire visual model (like the LY-01). They will no longer jump when an offset is attempted.
* Fix vessels/kerbals landed on other vessels teleporting to the ground on load.
* Fix issue with a kerbal targeting a vessel and boarding it leading to maneuver node functionality being broken.
* Fix wrong vessel being made dominant during docking if the docking is so fast as to skip the acquire phase.
* Fix Aero FX being improperly applied to some explosion FX causing square particles and slowdown.
* Fix planet orbits sometimes not responding to clicks (or responding when clicked off-orbit).
* Empty science containers (or containers with limited capacity) may show experiment count/capacity.
* Fix problems with sliding maneuver nodes.
* Fix landing legs exploding when landing on Gilly.
* Fix handling of mouse interaction with solar escape trajectories (for maneuver node placement).
* Fix bad things happening when quickloading while warping.
* Fix IVA overlay button not always responding.
* Fix offset target markers when more than 200m away.
* Tweaks to wheel autoboost to help with wheels.
* Increased allowable gizmo offset when holding SHIFT.
* Fix bug when transferring fuel from an empty to an empty tank (causing the universe to come unglued).
* Added highlighter brightness factor to game settings.
* Added settingsload and settingssave commands to debug console.
* Added highlighter colors to settings.cfg so they can be edited as well.
* Added in flight UI for highlighter setting.
* Add Mouselook mapping to settings screen.
* Add shielding status to parts.
* Add Lights to MPL.
* Fix occlusion shielding radius values for Cargo Bays.
* Add version stamps to save files for version save created in and version last saved in.
* Fix issue with WarpTo orbit jumping.
* Add "Always show closest approach for target" markers option.
* Fix AppLauncher not having global scale applied.

API Docs: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/index.html
* Added FlightGlobals.VesselsLoaded and FlightGlobals.VesselsUnloaded which lets us iterate over a specific portion of Vessels without checking the entire list.
* Added onVesselPartCountChanged event, fires any time a part is added or removed, the moment it happens, unlike onVesselModified.
* Added onVesselStandardModification event, collects various vessel events and fires them off with a single one. (onVesselPartCountChanged, onVesselModified, docked, undocked, et al)
* Added onScreenResolutionModified event, fires when the screen resolution is modified.
* Added many accessors/setters.
* Vessel control level can be clamped to a field in Vessel (so can be restricted to Partial even if otherwise would be Full).
* GetModuleMass/Cost methods can now be passed the situation.
* Fix where kerbal mass (if set to nonzero) was not applied in the editor.
* Added two new dictionary-related classes (DictionaryValueList and ListDictionary).
* Celestial bodies now cache all of their PQS Cities.
* All game root nodes now generate a random persistent seed, which is different from game to game.
* All forces on valid parts except wheel forces are now done via Part.AddForce/Torque/AddForceAtPosition. Note that the forcemode used is Force; to use a different forcemode, convert the force to the correct amount. It is the job of the Flight Integrator to then apply all these forces to actual rigidbodies (rather than all the disparate modules' job).
* Use mass-weighted average angular velocity of parts for vessel angular velocity.
* ITorqueProvider now reports two Vector3s, positive torque (that produced by control actuation 1,1,1) and negative torque (that produced by -1,-1,-1).
* Added various accessors.
* Node definitions can take an extra digit after size, either 0 or 1: that sets whether the node can crossfeed. Defaults to 1 (yes). NODE definitions can take crossfeed = True/False
* ModuleEngines now supports `clampPropReceived = True`. This will clamp the ratio of propellant requested based on prior results, so if IntakeAir is listed first and less than the full requirement is returned, it will request only that ratio of further propellants. In this case the "Prop Req Met" display will show the minimum requirement-met ratio rather than the average. Engines that use IntakeAir (or other cases like that) need to have `clampPropReceived = True` in each of their MODULEs that do that, and need to have that PROPELLANT first and the other PROPELLANTs later. See stock jet cfgs for examples.
* Added another crew transfer event.
* Added more startup options for KSPAddon
* Allow kerbals to have/save/load arbitrary experience points.
* ResearchAndDevelopment.GetTechnologyTitle(string id) will convert a tech ID to a tech title and is available as soon as parts start loading (can be used in GetInfo() ).
* Support max pressure (dynamic + static), `maxPressure`, and max G, `gTolerance`, for parts.
* Added system to allow mods to add custom difficulty settings.
* Added CelestialBody.hasSurface so mods that add a PQSController to gas giant don't cause silly things such as "Plant a flag on Jool" contracts.
* Replaced all checks for experience traits (Pilot, Scientist, Engineer) with individual experience effects. They are now loaded before part loading so can be queried in GetInfo().
* Icons in TechTree.cfg can now use a relative path (allows mod icons to live outside the Squad directory).
* Added KSPAssemblyDependencyEqualMajor as an attribute. Use instead of KSPAssemblyDependency if you want to force requiring the stated major version, not >= the major version, from your dependency.
* If you are setting a vessel's position and/or changing its orbit, call Vessel.IgnoreGForces(framecount) on the vessel for the number of frames that g forces should be ignored (try 1, then 2 if that doesn't work, etc).
* ModuleDeployablePart (covers antennas, solars, radiators) also has a gResistance (for Gs) as well as windResistance (for Q).
* Crew transfer now derives from a generic abstract PartItemTransfer class. Classes can derive from it to implement any kind of (crew transfer-style) part-part transfer. Also we fire an event right before a crew transfer is created so mods can just kill it and easily create their own CrewTransfer-derived class and have that be called on that event.
* Extended ModuleScienceContainer to allow sending and, (from ModuleScienceExperiment) receiving, experiment data. Also added support for a Collect All option to such containers.
* ModuleColorChanger supports changing arbitrary shader colors and implements IScalarModule. ModuleAnimationSetter works similarly and is used to more directly link an animation to being set by IScalarModule.
* PartModules now support upgrades. In a MODULE node, add an UPGRADE node. Inside that add one node per techID you wish to provide upgrades, in ascending order. Inside that place keys and nodes you wish to upgrade. e.g. `UPGRADES { basicRocketry { maxThrust = 250 } }` will change maxThrust to 250 once basicRocketry unlocks. Upgrades will never override persistent data. Further, by default they overwrite each other; to make a node apply on a clean slate (so you can, say, add two PROPELLANT nodes and not have them conflict due to the overwrite logic) set `IsExclusiveUpgrade__ = True` in the upgrade's node. That will clear the upgrade state and apply that upgrade fresh. Upgrades are applied only when you add a part to a craft in the VAB/SPH, they don't magically apply in flight. When a part on a craft is upgraded, a new option will appear in the PAW (when in VAB/SPH) where you can view the current stats of all those modules with upgrades.
* ModuleEngines now supports alternate (RealFuels-style) throttling and rates.
* ModuleEngines now supports throttle-Isp interactions. Turn on with useThrottleIspCurve = True and set the throttleIspCurve and throttleIspCurveAtmStrength curves. Final Isp = input Isp * Lerp(1, throttleIspCurve.Eval(throttle state), throttleIspCurveAtmStrength.Eval(atms of pressure))
* Support part upgrades, see docs.
* Added events dealing with kerbals going on/off ladders on parts and added a new vessel field for accessing the vessel of the part of the ladder the kerbal is climbing (if all of those are valid).

=================================== v1.2.1 ============================================================
+++ Bug Fixes
* Fix Maneuver Nodes not showing dV when target changes.
* Fix highlighter chewing memory every frame.
* Fix CBs being in different places in 1.2 by adjusting GeeASL.
* Fix engine glow not originating from engine thrust location.
* Fix for non-resettable experiments listing a reset cost.
* Fix KSPedia inaccuracy about reentry friction.
* Fix for drills shutting down when you approach.
* Fix "Mammoth" collider pushing away parts on stage.
* Fix for MysteryGoo container having collider too large.
* Fix for ModuleRCSFX KSPField.
* Fix for contract weights getting messed up in save files.
* Fix for Gas bursts on decouplers being in the wrong place.
* Fix for EVA orientation on lab hatches.
* Removed duplicate "Lowlands" biomes from Mun.
* Fix for revert deleting Messages.
* Removed writing from Mk3->Mk2 adapter.
* Fix for text overflow, etc for flag plaque.
* Miscellaneous KSPedia text tweaks.
* Fix for Subassembly DropZone tooltip not closing.
* Fix for StackGraph not following links across decouplers if one of the decouplers is a root part (Fuel crossfeed issue).
* Fix for ladder slide on Mk1 Inline.
* Fix for ScientistBonus in ModuleScienceConverter being broken.
* Fix loop using wrong iterator in GetModulesImplementingInterface.

+++UI Fixes
* Fix UI Flickering in Editor when lots of parts loaded.
* Fix UI Flickering in MC when lots of Contracts listed.
* Fix for Mapnode text not updating when controls locked.
* Fix for UIScaling applying incorrectly to the AppLancher and apps.
* Fix for asteroid KB Info text wrapping.
* Fix for text missing against some Action Menu items for wheel actions.

+++Miscellaneous Stuff
* Update to Biome Maps for Bop, Gilly and Pol.
* Adjust minimum FoV for enhanced mode on Roverbody and NDS to allow more zoom when landed.
* Add Reset All Settings option to settings.
* Add customizable binding for Editor Scroll Modifier for Zoom - default to left-command for OSX instead of left-shift.
* Add new default binding for precision control of "Return" for OSX instead of capslock.
* Change default camera reset binding to not clash with Abort Action group.
* Change default eva light binding to not clash with translate left.
* Allow mods to circumvent contract weight limits

=================================== v1.2.2 ============================================================
+++ Bug Fixes
* Fix crash to desktop when using Aero Overlay display and Part highlighting in Flight.
* Fix one final GUI flickering issue regarding the Parts List Scrollbar.
* Fix CommNet occlusion multiplier GUI setting.
* Fix to prevent kerbals with existing name being created.
* Fix MPL(Science lab) ladder sliding.
* Fix Grass textures around Research and Development Facility.
* Fix for corrupt save files breaking the resume menu.
* Fix where some science experiments only trigger once on action groups.
* Fix part action menus remaining on screen when switching to the Astronaut complex.
* Fix Building Picker Lines in Space Center not being cleared when application loses focus.
* Fix null reference exception when overwriting SubAssemblies in VAB/SPH.
* Fix resource converters load percentage display not updating after start/stop.
* Fix for several issues with the KSC flagpole outside the Administration Centre.
* Fix for vessel on the Launch pad at Baikerbanur (KSC 2) blocking ability to launch vessels from the KSC.
* Model fixes to the large drill part.
* Fix some more Text overflows in GUI.
* Fix where Fairings Disappears After using settings in flight.
* Fix for strut connectors attaching below surface on SRB-KD25k.
* Fix edge smoothing on Mk1 Inline.
* Fix particle effects on drills.
* Fix asteroid drill mass calculations.
* Fix for selecting/focusing craft that are very late for maneuver nodes.
* Fix for contracts app showing the wrong number of contracts.

+++Modding Stuff
* Add a common base class to all gameevents to allow mods to register and fire their own gameevents.
* Add method for searching for gameevents and mods can register to other mods gameevents.
* Add title to ResourceInfo so we can have a displayname that's not the key.

When a game is saved it now creates an associated metadata file - called .loadmeta alongside the .sfs. This file contains a hash of the sfs save. When the loadgame dialog opens it will compare the hash in the .loadmeta file with the hash of the savegame, and if so it will use the data in the .loadmeta file for the load dialog details instead of parsing the whole save file.

+++Miscellaneous Stuff
* Biome refresh for Ike, Moho and Dres.
* Add Right-Shift as a default secondary binding for editor scroll when not OSX.
* Stop inactive aero/thermal data being shown in the editor scenes.
* Add display format to difficulty options values.
* Vessels now remember active navigation (Waypoints) when loading save games.
* Apply Engineer bonuses to drills and ISRU correctly.
* Update more details in DOxygen api docs.

The Update is still in development and changes may occur to this list


Developing Kerbal Space Program has been and still is an incredible journey where we have faced many challenges and learned a great amount of things throughout the many years it has taken to be where we are right now.

As always, we want to extend our immense gratitude to all of you for your understanding and support, we are certain you will enjoy this update of KSP for consoles. We will be giving regular updates regarding the development of these new ports in KSP Weekly.

Best regards,


 -The KSP Dev Team

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So,  no more flying tiger,  or whatever they are called? 

Sounds like they may have been the issue all along,  so you moved on to a more competent company..  If that's the case,  good on you Squad. 

Edited by Galileo
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sweet! This is good news indeed, and i can now understand the delay in news since the business side of things in a new developer for the port. contracts and negotiations etc. lol  1.2.2 is such a major step up compared to the version for the original console port.

are they going to fix the broken trophy aswell?  lol please say yes i want my platinum already

Edited by DD_bwest
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19 minutes ago, DD_bwest said:

are they going to fix the brocken trophy aswell?  lol please say yes i want my platinum already

Huh? What's that?

Also, it looks like even though the Devnotes have been moved to Friday, releases and release announcements are still on Tuesday. :wink:



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Just now, Dman979 said:

Huh? What's that?

Also, it looks like even though the Devnotes have been moved to Friday, releases and release announcements are still on Tuesday. :wink:



oops i meant broken lol

incase that wasnt what you meant,  on playstation, achievements are called trophies, and the platinum trophy is for achieving all others in the game.  right now there is a trophy to fly by kerbin that wont unlock no matter, so no one has been able to get the great achievement.

part of the reason i double dipped was so i could proudly have it in my ps4 collection 

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1 minute ago, DD_bwest said:

incase that wasnt what you meant

It wasn't, so thanks for the second part. :)


on playstation, achievements are called trophies, and the platinum trophy is for achieving all others in the game.  right now there is a trophy to fly by kerbin that wont unlock no matter, so no one has been able to get the great achievement.

Huh. No such thing on PC/Mac/Linux.

I'm curious as to why Squad put them in. People were doing all those things before the trophies, why add them?

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1 minute ago, Dman979 said:

It wasn't, so thanks for the second part. :)

Huh. No such thing on PC/Mac/Linux.

I'm curious as to why Squad put them in. People were doing all those things before the trophies, why add them?

I think, but not 100% sure, that its a requirement for consoles.     xbox has the same things called achievements and worth points towards a gamer score or something.  on Playstation each trophy is worth a point value and they add up towards your PSN account rank. 

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2 minutes ago, snekposter said:

I think they're a requirement for console games now. 

Just now, DD_bwest said:

I think, but not 100% sure, that its a requirement for consoles.     xbox has the same things called achievements and worth points towards a gamer score or something.  on Playstation each trophy is worth a point value and they add up towards your PSN account rank. 

That seems silly.


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Just now, Dman979 said:

That seems silly.


Sorta, but it is a good way to tell what kind of games someone on your friends list is into.  Since types they enjoy are more likely to have more completed, while games with a fleeting interest may only have a couple.

KSP being my favorite game ever, coupled with me being primarily a console gamer, led me to want(need) the platinum for it.  It also shows rarity, and i figured the platinum would probably be very rare with such a steep learning curve.  So it would be even more appealing to have lol

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Yay, console update news!


Not that I own the game on console, or for that matter a console capable of playing it (or right at the moment, a computer capable of playing it fully), but I'm happy for the console owners anyway.


Also, of course new releases are on Tuesdays. That gives you the week before to finish all the stuff, the weekend if absolutely needed, Monday to comb over everything, Tuesday Taco to celebrate the release, then the rest of the week to respond to any software-breaking bugs or issues that might arise. I believe it's industry standard (maybe apart from the tacos thing).

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1 minute ago, DD_bwest said:

Sorta, but it is a good way to tell what kind of games someone on your friends list is into.  Since types they enjoy are more likely to have more completed, while games with a fleeting interest may only have a couple.

Why not just ask them what games they like? And couldn't companies abuse this by putting a bunch of achievements in the early game, which almost everyone will complete? Again, it still seems silly.


Also, since I didn't mention it above, I too am really happy that the console players have news, a new release, and a new market.


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So FTE did mess up real bad... The new company seems more reliable: they have done ports of several indie games that I have actually heard of (no idea if these ports were good though).

Hopefully the final version will bring back the ones who left because of the original port.

Also, I'm not familiar with console games and updates, but I found that there is a lot of insisting on "free update" in the announcement. Is it because updates are usually paid on console, or because DLC/Expansion/paid stuff is coming?

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Just now, Dman979 said:

Why not just ask them what games they like? And couldn't companies abuse this by putting a bunch of achievements in the early game, which almost everyone will complete? Again, it still seems silly.


Also, since I didn't mention it above, I too am really happy that the console players have news, a new release, and a new market.


yea some games are just brutally easy to get it in,  it took my like 7 hours to get the platinum for the order and i didnt even need a guide.   Its rarity is crap, because almost everyone who plays the game has it.   a bunch of games do this, and trophy collectors who want tons and tons will figure out which ones and play them just to get the easy trophies lol

Lots of people dont get the point of trophies.  I really only work towards the platinum if i really like a game and play it alot and start running out of things to do,  Or if its a game i have to play with my kids and im getting bored it gives me a little bit of a challenge while getting to do something together lol  I got one of the lego platinum trophies that way lol

For KSP tho, its about love and pride.  I know its silly but i want to be able to show that i have it,  especially since itll be listed as .1% have it lol

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5 minutes ago, Gaarst said:

Also, I'm not familiar with console games and updates, but I found that there is a lot of insisting on "free update" in the announcement. Is it because updates are usually paid on console, or because DLC/Expansion/paid stuff is coming?

I noticed that too. Updates for KSP have always been free, so it's mildly concerning that they have to stress that now. I hope that it's your first thought, not your second.

Edited by Dman979
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