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Jebadiah Kerban

Passkerbal challenge

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Welcome kerbaulnauts!

I am going to challenge all of you!


1) No cheats

2) When posting your entry, give me the the cost, mods used, parts, and passengers

3) No-Cheaty mods allowed

4) Mods are allowed, as long as they dont make the challenge easier

5) For the crew cabin, only stock parts may be used

6) Include you .craft file


So whats the deal you ask? You  have to construct a electric/Jet powered plane to go around the world. but its not so simple, while doing that, you have to carry 100 Passengers in your plane. Only 1 Stop is allowed, at the half point. Please video record/Screen shot your progress, including take-off, midpoint, and landing.




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I tink yu nid to expand a litle on yor thred.

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