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TIE Striker Replica - from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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Meet the TIE Striker! It's a replica of said craft from the new movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Described in the fiction as "a streamlined starfighter" meant primarily for atmospheric patrols over Imperial installations, this TIE fighter variant is a two-seater!


The front seat is the cockpit, and the rear a passenger/copilot seat. On this replica, both are functional.


However, a word of warning: Due to the size limitations inherent with replicas of this type, the TIE Striker has limited LF/O fuel, so if you want to get creative with it, be sure to enable infinite fuel in the cheats menu.
In addition, due to how TIEs weren't really designed to fly under real-life aerodynamic conditions, the Striker doesn't fare too well in atmospheric flight.

More shots from a TIE Striker over Laythe Scarif:


For the Empire!

Download Link

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If you need me to, I can add to this in such a way that it flies in atmospheric conditions, it would take a lot of testing, but I think it would be easy enough to find a way to stabilize it, despite the COL being far ahead of the COM. I could also do it without adding any more mass than some of the aerodynamic parts add, and without changing aesthetic. Give me a PM if you are interested. Nice replica!

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On 12/19/2016 at 11:44 PM, pTrevTrevs said:

I thought the TIE Striker was so cool in the movie, it was great to finally see a TIE fighter that looks like it *might* actually fly in real life.

Yup, though it definitely needs some work to fly (which I'm tinkering with over time, to see if I CAN indeed get it to fly in-atmo.) in planetary atmospheres in KSP, mainly since the solar collector "wings" on this TIE (and most TIE variants in general) tend to push the CoL in front of or into the center of the CoM, leading to a very, very flippy aircraft.

That being said, I might look at making some replicas of other TIE variants later on, like the TIE/ph Phantom (aka V38 Phantom), or some of the other more exotic TIEs.

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2 hours ago, LetsGoToMars! said:

Nice. I made a regular TIE fighter a few days ago.


However, it most certainly cannot fly at all. But your design probably can be tweaked to sustain an atmospheric flight. How far have you gotten in atmospheric flight?


Nice TIE yourself! I've gotten the Striker to fly on Kerbin, sure... but it's not fully controlled flight. Lots of flipping and rollovers, and so on. I suspect it's primarily due to the wingform, between the downward-cant of them and that they're longer in the front.

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3 hours ago, LetsGoToMars! said:

You could always try flying upside-down!

Believe it or not, that's the #1 instability issue with it- it LOVES to roll upside down like that, so much so that even when trying to bank even slightly it rolls over or self-stabilizes back to being upside down.


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