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SR-71 Blackbird and Lockheed YF-12A


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2 New hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft. 1:1 scale

They both reach their real life top speeds of 2,200 mph (1,100 m/s)

Both have a max altitude of around 22 km, but I've got to around 25 before the engines die. They are very easy to fly, not easy to go into a flat spin though during takeoff it's easy to have a lot of sideslip.

Takeoff speed (both) - 90 m/s, stall speed - 70 m/s

Insane amount of fuel, probably enough to do a round the world flight.

SR-71 Blackbird - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ZkNlM8j7rjSnBQOTZvbUxReDg

Lockheed YF-12A - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ZkNlM8j7rjUm16M19jNno5bjA

Pictures! - http://imgur.com/a/mzggS

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5 minutes ago, Majorjim! said:

I can't remember if it's a right click option on parts as standard or you need to enable extra editor options in the main settings. Perhaps someone can clarify this.

Yes, it's a right-click menu option that has to be enabled by turning on Advanced Tweakables.

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