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Essentials for space stations


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12 minutes ago, eloquentJane said:

Counterweights balanced perfectly around the finished station in the VAB, to allow for potentially attaching a propulsion module - for either converting the station to an interplanetary transport or simply moving it to another celestial body.

I like that.



- Lander

- Tug to move modules (instead of putting propulsion on everything)

- Refinery?

- Control Station to go with comm array to control probes? Could potentially save you the trouble of building a number of relays for the further planets.

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12 minutes ago, Ohm is Futile said:

I like that.

Somewhat ironically, I don't actually use that method very often despite suggesting it. But it is something I'm likely to do semi-frequently in future, particularly for my 6.4x scale New Horizons playthrough since it takes so much delta-v to get to places that it's not always going to be practical to make an interplanetary freighter and attach the necessary station modules to it like I usually do. And also because it costs a lot to send things to space in 6.4x scale and might not always be cost-effective to construct a separate station for everywhere that needs one, and so I'll probably end up repurposing early stations by sending them somewhere else where they'll be more useful.

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Dinghies. I tried it once and now all my stations have dinghies. For orbital rescues, delivery to local moon surface, carrying small payloads, and so on.

Plenty of spare living space.

Duna station went from crew of 8 to 19 currently, thanks to dingies and spare living space :)

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