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Steal the cookie game

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While it is drying I send in a spy to steal it and set inside of a cookie jar, surrounded by lasers, surrounded by a tank of Architeuthis Dux, floating above jeb's rocket testing range.

My cookie. 




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You fools! The cookie vault was a trap all along. The real cookie is right here in my secret underground lair/KFC combo joint. I remotly detonate the nuclear warhead hidden in the stolen cookie vault, destroying you all.


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Bring it on, catbert (yes, I noticed your avatar pic). No evil Dilbert HR Rep will stop me! That was a clone from my army I made on my KSC hill! BWAHAHAHAHA!  While you were busy launching a missile I sent a clone to get into your base through the port from which the nuclear missile launched from, navigating it's way to the cookie vault and teleporting the cookie to my safe! Which has no outside openings, and I have DOZENS of decoys! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!... Wrong thread.

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