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[1.10.x] Stockalike Mk1 Open cockpit ( 7 nov 2020 update - NEW PARTS )

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Open Cockpit Mk1 (stockalike)




more images




Kerbal Curseforge


also available in CKAN

MIT license


This mod add 7 parts

Main cockpit, Gunner seat, Small windshield, Big windshield, Headrest, All-In-One module and Drone core

Basically this "cockpit" is just only external seat in Mk1 size part

so all abilities and problems of external seat also exist


You can board from any side if Kerbal stay close enough, without any "grab" and "board".

Kerbal sometimes can survive even if cockpit explode due hard landing

But you can't load Kerbal in seat at launch without other mods ( "Take command" mod can do it ).

Also pilot take all Aero and Heat effects ( and it have absolutely insaaaaaaaaaaaaaane drag ).

I make it as a "chair" only by this reason, open Kerbal head without any heating looks very strange


Small windshield and Headrest is only decorative parts, but Big windshield have collision volume much larger than

it's visible size and can ( sometimes ) protect pilot from reentry overheating, so making spaceplanes and rockets

with this seat hard but posible. Main problem is a huge drag of Kerbal, so spaceplane with 1 pilot per 1 Rapier

just can't climb at speed faster than 300 - 400 m/s at low altitude


This mod tested with Kerbalism and works fine, just set priority of batteries and oxygen tanks on vehicle higher than

default to prevent discharge pilot spacesuit, and not forget reload it manually after EVA mission


Tested with Take Command, works fine

Thanks @linuxgurugamer for help




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5 minutes ago, NESD said:

Sounds great, thanks

I add CKAN support later, as I learn how it works


If you upload the mod to Spacedock.info, it can be made to automatically create a CKAN entry. Failing that, the guys in #CKAN on Espernet IRC may be able to help. There's a webchat link to Espernet IRC at the top of the page if you don't have a client app. Just use the webchat link and then "/join #CKAN".

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