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Need an alternative to EPL's augers


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Hey all:

I've recently removed UKS from my install and still want to use EPL.  However, the augers are 1) ugly and 2) undeployable.  As I understand it, right now, Infernal Robotics is not working with 1.2.2 so I can't just shove the augers into the ground that way, and I really would rather have better looking drills anyway.   There used to be alternative drills for EPL, but that link seems to be broken and not maintained.

Are there any alternatives to the augers?  Is there any way to make the stock drills mine MetalOre?  I tried messing about with the .cfg for the stock drills but can't seem to get it to work.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Here is a MM patch from my mod to make the stock drill harvest MetalOre:


        name = ModuleResourceHarvester
        HarvesterType = 0
        Efficiency = 0.5
        ResourceName = MetalOre
        ConverterName = MetalOre Harvester
        StartActionName = Start MetalOre Harvester
        StopActionName = Stop MetalOre Harvester
        ToggleActionName = Toggle MetalOre Harvester
        ImpactTransform = ImpactTransform
        ImpactRange = 6
        AutoShutdown = true
        GeneratesHeat = true
            ResourceName = ElectricCharge
            Ratio = 23
            key = 0 10000
            key = 250 7500
            key = 500 5000
            key = 750 500
            key = 1000 0
        UseSpecialistBonus = true
        SpecialistEfficiencyFactor = 0.2
        SpecialistBonusBase = 0.05
        ExperienceEffect = DrillSkill
        EfficiencyBonus = 1
            key = 0 0.1
            key = 250 .1
            key = 500 1
            key = 750 .1
            key = 1000 0


Create an empty cfg somewhere inside your GameData folder and paste the content. Requires ModuleManager and also EL for resource abundance definition of MetalOre.
You may want to tweak Efficiency for harvesting speed and Ratio for EC-consumption.

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It's not just the drills that desperately need an update. ALL parts need to be completely overhauled!
EPL is a great mod but the horrible parts are what's keeping me from using it.

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