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Alright, first things first. Start small. Try getting into orbit first. To get into orbit, fly up until you reach about 20 kilometers (20,000 meters). Then tilt your spacecraft at a 45* angle, and gradually tilt further as you ascend. You should be parallel to the ground at about 70 km.


For getting to the Mun, remember this. Try flybys first, so you can familiarize yourself with SOI changes. Then try and crash a space probe. Continue doing this until you safely land one. Then do that with a Kerbal. (The safe landing, not the crashing part). 


For getting to the Mun, it's quite simple. Stay in low orbit and time accelerate until the Mun is in front of the camera (face prograde) and just over the limb of Kerbin. Burn for the Mun and check your map for a color change in your orbit line.



After that, it's all on you.

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Greetings and welcome to the forums @johnepeno.

Try to keep the weight down on your spacecraft.  If you are still trying to make your first orbit you want a stripped down spacecraft to maximise the "Delta v" of your vessel. 

Also you must match your engines to the regime they will work best in.  When you look at the engine specs in the VAB you will notice they have a specific thrust for atmospheric and vacuum conditions.  The higher the number the more efficient they are and the further you will go for the same amount of fuel.

The "swivel" engine is a good first stage power plant that has "gimbal" (the ability to move around a little to provide control).  The "reliant" engine has more thrust but no gimbal and so needs control assistance (Fins or an sas module).  The best early stage vacuum engine is the "terrier".  It has gimbal but no alternator so may require battery or solar panel additions if you are planning on a long mission.

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