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My first time drawing kerbals on a tablet :P. It took a lot of effort to not draw eyelids.

What do you think led up to this picture? What's going on?

I've been having a huge urge to write a KSP fanfic, but I don't know about what. I want to make a (fairly) depressing story, but I don't want to seem edgy. I drew a picture but I still have no ideas.

Feel free to post your own pictures and stories. I would love to hear what you've come up with!

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I'm thinking to write that they were sent to Laythe as a wish of goodwill to start colonising the sparse land with eggs that were protected from the intense radiation after probes detected oxygen there.

They didn't have enough Dv for a good transfer window, so all of the eggs went bad long before they reached the Jool system. Jebediah didn't know that until after they expended all their fuel getting to a suitable plot of land. In their old age, they can't do much else than try to build rockets out of the salvaged parts from their base.

Laythe's environment is no place for a kerbal due to the bitter cold and ionised salty air.

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"I'm sorry, I spilled wine on your full-length painting."
"Oh no! That's the last thing of my father I have left!"

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