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Survey contract - What distance from waypoint is in range to complete?



I have a few survey contracts to take temperature measurements near waypoints on the Mün and Minmus. I'm trying to write a kOS script that will activate the thermometer whenever I'm close enough to a waypoint.

Problem is, kOS doesn't automatically tell me whether I'm within range of a waypoint, so I need to know what distance from the waypoint I should be looking for. I found these two lines from GameData/Squad/Contracts.cfg:

MinimumTriggerRange = 500 // The minimum range to trigger waypoints on ground surveys before gravitational adjustments
MaximumTriggerRange = 15000 // The minimum range to trigger waypoints on high altitude surveys

But I'm not sure how these numbers are used in the game. Is the radius of an "in spaceflight near <waypoint>" parameter always equal to MaximumTriggerRange (15 km), or does it scale with the size of the body and/or the altitude threshold on the waypoint?

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