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What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

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Just now, CatastrophicFailure said:

So... grabbed a live wire, eh? ;)

I wish!

No, instead I have a bunch of Wikipedia articles in my browser history.
Added bonus: I now understand energy and work as well.

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I found out that my co-worker of the 10.5 years I've been at my job is quitting in about two weeks.  I'm slightly anxious about it, and other plans for our area.

New management people took over our area at the agency level last year, and started coming up with crazy ideas.  One major thing they did was get rid of the group that handled our job at HQ for the agency, and tried to farm the work out to the centers.  It was soon realized that this wasn't going to work, and they created a new group to handle the agency-level work.  They moved the top technical person in Florida to that group early this year, and now they've snagged my co-worker.  He is the top technical person in the agency in our area, and he'll still be available for questions, but I'm so used to having him on the other side of the cube wall to bounce ideas off of.  Plus, I'll be the only person in our department at the center.  Local management doesn't know yet, and I'm not sure what they're going to do.  I'm terrified that they might want to put me reporting to the other team lead in our office (different department).  She's not the easiest to work with, and her personality grates on my nerves.  The two people under her have been frantically looking for other jobs for a while now.

Another idea HQ has been looking at is consolidating the various center groups into a single agency-wide group, and getting rid of half (depending on how you count, there's 12-20 people), down to eight.  I know who four of those people would be.  Plus, they're planning to switch us to a new software early next year.  The last time we did that, it took three years to convert everything to the new system.


The good news is that my soon-to-be-former-co-worker will not be relocating.  They're letting him telework from Houston, so he'll still make the weekly D&D sessions.

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19 hours ago, razark said:

The good news is that my soon-to-be-former-co-worker will not be relocating.  They're letting him telework from Houston, so he'll still make the weekly D&D sessions.

Speaking of which, we're starting our new GURPS campaign on Saturday. The genre is modern cinematic action spy thriller. It's a big team, so it will be more Mission: Impossible than James Bond. 

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I gave them three options:

  1. Continue in the same fantasy setting (You finally found the ancient Sword of Power. Now, destroy it!),
  2. I have a semi-hard science fiction setting I've been rolling around in my gourd for a couple of years,
  3. You can be international super-spies who blow lots of stuff up.

And, here we are. :)

3 minutes ago, razark said:

Sounds interesting.  Our group has kicked around the idea of a French Resistance theme.

Shameless plug for my favorite RPG system: GURPS WWII

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11 minutes ago, Bill Phil said:

I want to play Cyberpunk 2020 in honor of next year and the new game.

Of course I’ll have to convince my group...

Remember when that used to sound really far in the future? I want my flying car, dammit! :mad:

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Stopped at the grocery OTW to pick up my daughter at school.

I was about to put the cart away, then an old gent rolled his window down, about to park, and asked if I could bring the cart to him. Sure.

So I backed the cart towards his door (he pulled into a handicapped spot), and noticed he had a veteran plate, and it said WWII on it (the vet plates here list the conflict).

He thanked me for the cart, I thanked him for his part in saving the world. 97 years old. Cavalry Reconnaissance unit, ETO (part of an armored division). Don't get to talk to many of these guys, so very few left.

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2 hours ago, TheSaint said:

Shameless plug for my favorite RPG system: GURPS WWII

I think I might have that in my collection somewhere.  (I checked. I do have it, plus a couple on commandos and France, specifically.)  I've never played GURPS, though.

Besides the D&D, we've done Vampire/Mage/Werewolf, Shadowrun, a couple of home-brewed sci-fi systems, and Cavemaster.  We're usually running a couple of games, switching out each week.

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A noname tabletop game system popular between students.

Disclaimer: Only specially trained professionals can do this. Don't try to do this at home!


Players meet in somebody's mansion (or a flat if no mansion) and bring the game inventory:
* homemade brewery (or any brewery if no homemade one)  (or/and any other alcohol in addition to the homemade brewery);
* random food (preferably medieval, but instant noodles are fine, too)

They put the inventory on the table top (as it's a tabletop game).

The Game Master declares the first toast, then everyone starts roleplaying a drinking trash.

On the game progress the Game Master (if he still remembers that he is GM) tries to remind to others that he is a Game Master
(A saving throw 1d2: either he gets in face, or nobody cares).

Later the Game Master joins others, and the game evolves on its own till 4 a.m.

Next morning (i.e. afternoon) they define winners.
The Major Winner is a pharmacy selling anti-hangover powder.
The Minor Winner is who didn't play.


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48 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:


That's a terrible name. 

I propose we call it the fore pizza containment compartment.

Or the boot. 

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An incident occurred last night with my sister-in-law dumping a... good amount of water right onto my laptop, which was on.  It stayed on, which was good news, however it did completely lock up, which was not good.

I guess my debacle with my keyboard paid off, since I knew exactly how to get it disassembled quickly.  Completely disassembled all night and had the majority of it in front of a fan, I got it reassembled this morning.

It didn't work at first, but I think that may be mostly because I freaked the BIOS out with disconnecting the battery.  Seems all good now, although this morning I was having this weird problem where the CPU was boosting to max at idle and keeping the idle temps about 15 C hotter than normal.  But now it's ok?  I'm still a little worried.

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I watched Interstellar tonight, and there were a few frames with a post-it note that had some information about a galaxy on it. Since the starfield in the new galaxy is very unusual, I didn't think it could be real but this galaxy is in a cluster. I'm flying there in Space Engine right now to see how well it matches.

Update: it's just as exciting a sky as in the movie. Now scanning for black holes with earthlike planets! ;) 

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Got it. A frunk is a motor compartment after a week on street, if the car is unguarded.

2 hours ago, cubinator said:

I'm flying there in Space Engine right now to see how well it matches.

So, your next post should be expected 40 years later.

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